MAC6 incubator invests in great ideas with more than just money

MAC6 is a multi-stage business incubator and leadership academy for early stage entrepreneurs with great ideas. The foundation of MAC6 is Conscious Capitalism, which is an up-and-coming form of capitalism that leverages positive social change into long-term competitive advantage. MAC6 looks for small businesses that exemplify the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism, which are higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture. Lead by founder Scott McIntosh and his son Kyle McIntosh, MAC6 literally grew from the ground up, thus emphasizing their business model for their future clients.
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MAC6 is unique in the world of investing because not only do they invest their money into a small business, they invest their workspace and time. MAC6 offers a 38,000 sq ft light industrial manufacturing facility in Tempe, Arizona that helps early-stage small businesses harvest their tangible product.
Scott McIntosh says, “After working and growing my mining engineering business for 35 years, I awoke to find the good name of free enterprise tarnished by the cancer of crony capitalism. My answer is MAC6. I don’t do politics, but I do know how to lead by example; I don’t write books, but I do know how to turn words into actions. What I do is walk the talk of honorable business; and I invest in others who believe the same.”
2014 is the year that MAC6 sees themselves honing in on their strengths and expanding their business and clients in their home state of Arizona. MAC6 has plans to replicate their business model nationally in the 2015 and 2016 year.
MAC6 has already begun working with some great small companies such as Refresh Glass, which takes recycled wine bottles and creates new products out of the recycled material like drinking glasses, vases, and candles amongst others. Refresh Glass has seen incredible growth in their business and sales all thanks to the manufacturing facility and Leadership Academy that MAC6 has to offer.
The Leadership Academy is a 6-week program that utilizes a condensed version of renowned E-Myth author Michael Gerber’s ‘The Dreaming Room’ concept. During the 6 weeks, MAC6 applicants will develop their dream, mission, vision, and purpose for their flourishing company.
MAC6’s application process begins with an initial Executive Summary submission. The deadline for the Executive Summary is January 10, 2014. Then on January 17, a select few companies will be invited to submit a business plan, a 5-minute video, and be required to complete the Ignite profile. The selection process continues until May 2 when 6-10 companies will be invited to join the MAC6 incubator, with an incubator starting date on May 19, 2014.
MAC6 is truly an all-around investment company that helps develop a business from the ground up. Making use of their innovative manufacturing facility, MAC6 oversees and essentially becomes a partner in the business that they are helping to expand.
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