Gadget for the Guru – Music Lover Edition

Zooka Speaker
This sleek, lightweight speaker connects wirelessly to mobile devices, tablets, laptops and notebooks via Bluetooth with a 30-foot range. Zooka allows users to play games, listen to music and watch movies five times louder than their device allows. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, green, orange, navy, teal, pink and purple. $99
HP Pocket Playlist
The HP Pocket Playlist streams movies, music, TV shows and photos to up to five mobile devices at the same time without an Internet service or data plan. The device acts as a DVR and holds up to 16 full-length movies, 7,600 songs or 10,000 photos. The device will be available for purchase in mid-March. $129
Grain Audio HeadphonesGrain Audio Headphones
These over ear headphones from Grain Audio feature ear cups made of FSC certified walnut wood with hand-applied oil finish. These headphones deliver pure, natural sound using 2x40mm proprietary loudspeakers with Neodymium magnets and a CCAW voice coil. The headphones are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. They also come with an inline remote and mic, a 1¼ phono adapter and a carrying case. $199
Learn more about Grain Audio’s culture and design here.
EpishockEpishock Speaker
As seen on ABC Shark Tank, the Epishock speaker by OrigAudio utilizes vibration technology to turn any glass, wood, metal or plastic flat surface, such as a table or desk, into a loudspeaker. The speaker has the ability to connect to any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, including iPhones, Androids and laptops. It features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 6+ hours of playtime. The Epishock can also be connected to additional speakers to increase the volume. $44.99
Watch the demo video and purchase the speakers here.
Jam-Pac-Speakers-700x325Bicycle Speaker System
This speaker system from Audible Rush, Inc. is designed for bicycles and is compatible with iPods, iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones and other devices with a standard 12mm headphone output jack. The Jam-Pac is designed with a quick-release mount to fit recreational and performance type handlebars and features a 12-volt amplifier. In addition, the speakers feature a weather resistant storage bag, support for the phone’s GPS navigation features and the ability to charge your smartphone on-the-go. Price is based on model and additional accessories. $159.95 – $209.95
The Slingshot by BlueFlame - Lifestyle imageSlingshot
The Slingshot is a portable, water-resistant sound system. The speaker syncs with Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 33 feet away and features a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls. The compact 40mm diameter speaker has 1.2W of power output and achieves a 100Hz-10KHz-frequency range. It is encased in a soft sling for easy home use and can be taken out and placed in a To-Go Sling. The Slingshot is available in two models, one with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and one powered by 4-AA batteries. $99.99-119.99
iBT44G_HRiP4 Boombox
The iP4 Boombox by iHome features SRS TruBass digital signal processing technology and five adjustable EQ sliders. Additionally, the iP4 provides exceptional sound with its Class “D” amplifier combined with 4” carbon composite woofers and 1” dome tweeters. This retro boombox’s dock is compatible with any iPhone or docking iPod and has FM radio and an aux-in jack. $199.99
Lightbulb-300x198Wireless Lamp Speaker
This wireless lamp speaker from Texas Instruments turns any existing floor, table or pendent lights into a wireless speaker system. By replacing your old light bulbs with the patented lamp speaker, users can play music from their iPod, MP3 player, computers, stereos and TVs. By combining the Sound of Light speaker with up to four other speakers, users can create whole house audio. The lamp speaker comes with a transmitter, remote control with an operating range of 200 feet, RCA cable and 3.5 mini jack cable. $299.99
Shower SpeakerShowerhead and Wireless Speaker
The Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker from Kohler, allows the user to listen to their music with a clean, clear sound. The Moxie speaker connects via Bluetooth to devices up to 32 feet away. The speaker can also be removed from the Moxie and for wireless music on-the-go and charging. It features 60 angled nozzles with 2.5 gpm spray and a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 7 hours of play. $149.25
Cobra-AirWave-e1371798309451Cobra AirWave
The Cobra AirWave receiver creates a wireless bridge to older stereo systems, allowing users to transmit audio via Bluetooth to their car stereo or home stereo. By connecting the receiver via headphone jack, RCA or USB cable, users can have the freedom to controlling their music from up to 30 feet away from their stereo. A full charge will last ten to twelve hours. $39.95
QuNeo by Keith McMillen Instruments is a pad controller created for electronic musicians, such as DJs and VJs. The pad has switches, pads, sliders and rotary sensors, which are all pressure, velocity and location sensitive. These allow for scrubbing, triggering, stretch, pinching and playing phrases and sound files. The QuNeo is the size of an iPad and works with USB, MIDI or OSC and is compatible with popular music software, such as Ableton Live, Serate Scratch Live, Traktor, Apple Logic Pro and more. The pad features 251 programmable multi-colored LEDs with 16 levels of brightness. It is Windows, MAC and Android compatible. $199
Check out the QuNeo in action here.
For any student that has some time on their hands or want to learn a new skill, gTar provides them with a great pastime. gTar is an app-enabled smart guitar equipped with a multi-touch LED fret board that indicates where to place your fingers and smart strings that have sensors that detect notes by using a regular pick, the SmartPick or your fingers. Users dock their iPhone into the gTar’s body and using the gTar app, or numerous other compatible apps, the guitar teaches the user their favorite songs using three modes of difficulty.  All sounds made by the gTar play through your iPhone, including backup instruments and effects. The gTar tracks how well you are learning each song in real-time and also has the ability to be set to “FreePlay” played like a regular guitar. Pre-orders only, $399  
Watch how it works and to order here.
For the engineer, the gTar is fully hackable, find out how at
MHISRTINTIEGRCA_128949_GLAM_01iSport Headphones
The Apple compatible iSport Headphones are designed specifically for the active athlete. These headphones have noise isolation, a patented ear clip designed for comfort and an in-line mic. The iSport headphones are washable. Reviews indicate these are best used for intense workouts.
$69.95 – $149.95
Magbuds by FluxAudio is perfect for college students who love to listen to their favorite tunes while walking or riding the light rail to class. These headphones not only deliver high-quality sound, but they feature a tangle-free, magnetic cord that allows for easy storage once you reach the lecture hall. Magbuds’ 10mm drivers provide crisp highs and deep bass and the in-line remote and microphone allows users to answer calls, change songs and adjust the volume. The AZTB team tried them out and they worked well for music play on the computer or mobile device and did like the tangle-free feature and could wrap them on our wrist if need be for transport. However, when the team used them during a phone call, we had some transmission quality issues, and wondered if the magnets would cause such problem. The company website claims no negative affects to the drives on a mobile device. $69
Earshots in RedEarshots™
The Earshots™ from kubxlab™ are portable speakers designed for mobile devices. Measuring only 35mm in height by 33mm in width and weighing 40 grams, the Earshots offer high-quality stereo sound in the palm of your hand. The speakers are made with aluminum and are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm jack, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. The Earshots run on rechargeable lithium ion batteries and can play for up to five hours on a full charge. $49.99
Altec - The Jacket (black).jpgThe Jacket
This one was a favorite for the AZTB gadget team, designed by audio innovator Altec Lansing, “The Jacket” is a customizable, wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker allows listeners to switch between a red or black skin to fit their décor or mood. The speaker wirelessly pairs with and remembers up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing several people to share a speaker while hanging out or during a party. The speaker has a 30-foot wireless range, delivers crystal clear sound for up to eight hours on a full charge and allows users to make and answer hands-free calls. The team jammed out with this gadget, it cranked loud for a little speaker and had good bass, thumbs up for this one. $129.99
73-221-thickboxSculptural Stereos
Go eco, these one-of-a-kind handmade sculptural stereos by Love Hue Studios are perfect for mixing retro décor with modern technology. With the goal of repurposing old items, the designers equip old speakers, lamps, dressers, suitcases and more with electronics compatible with your iPhone or iPod. Users can choose the type of furniture, sourcing, music and lights they would like and have their unique stereo shipped to them within a couple of weeks. $150+
Want to see how these unique stereos are made? CLICK HERE!
puma gadget cropSOUNDCHUCK
The SOUNDCHUCK by PUMA is an innovative Bluetooth wireless speaker inspired by the martial arts. This device features two circular speakers connected by a cord, designed to mimic nunchucks. The speakers have magnets to allow users to connect the two together. It has a battery life of up to six hours and charges via micro-USB cable. The SOUNDCHUCK features voice prompt activation and allows users to take and answer calls with the built-in microphone. It is available in six colors: red, orange, pink, blue, gray and black. $129.99
smart_onEar2muzik On-Ear Headphones
The muzik On-Ear Headphones are a new addition to the world of wearable technology. These headphones provide music enthusiasts with crystal clear sound, noise isolation and comfort. The headphones feature touch gesture control on the outside of the earcup to allow the user to play and pause music, share their music via Facebook, Twitter or compatible muzik app, activate Siri or voice control, flip through songs and control the volume. The earphones are run by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be charged with the included micro-USB cable. The headphones also have a smart cable with a microphone. $299.99