7 New Year Resolutions for Startups

StartupNew Year Resolutions
In the spirit of the New Year, AZTB has put together some small resolutions to help startup leaders and small business owners in improving workflow and boosting overall success in 2014.
1. Be Open to Advice
If someone offers advice, listen to it. Maybe you will use it or maybe you won’t, but at least be open to what the person has to offer, it may come in handy later on. Networking and making connections is a huge part of building a startup and you’ll be surprised at the volume of the advice you may receive, especially when just starting out.
2. Focus, Focus, Focus.
When we try to do everything at once, it can do more harm than good and cause a shift in productivity. Make a list of important tasks and take them one at a time, ensuring that they are completed fully and effectively.
3. Stop Procrastinating
Make time for those tedious tasks you have put off week after week. This year, hold yourself accountable and clear those pesky tasks from your to do list!
4. Find Balance
It is essential that you find a work-life balance and take a little time for yourself. Take a yoga class and get your ohm on or take a trip to the mountains for some fresh air. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make time for it and clear your head.
5. Celebrate Successes
For every goal that is achieved, whether big or small, take time to celebrate your team working towards success.
6. Unplug
Everyone in the tech industry is bombarded and consumed by technology, but it is important to know when to unplug. Whether you are making time for yourself or in an important meeting, turn off that cellphone and take in the moment.
7. Enjoy the Ride
Building a startup is a journey and while it may seem like you have a lot to accomplish, every step is a milestone. It takes time to make everything right, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

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