Startup PhotoSweep App – print and ship photos through your phone

So what to do with all of those holiday photos? Instead of downloading them to your computer, then uploading them to Costco or Walgreens, in a few clicks, they will be printed and shipped in a few days with a new app. PhotoSweep app allows users to forego the checkout process and have pictures printed and mailed directly to their desired address. The app launched in October 2013 and is quickly gaining users. Through an easily handled interface, PhotoSweep makes it easy to take photos from your library, add them to your queue, and choose an address for delivery.
Photosweep aims to bring the convenience to you by handling all of your photo printing needs through your phone. Android and iPhone users can download the free app, set up an account with valid credit card, and enjoy quality pictures printed at the locally run Arizona PhotoSweep office. Through the app’s checkout process, a user can place multiple orders and mail them to several different addresses. This process makes it easy to print pictures from your favorite summer vacation or child’s graduation and have them mailed to anywhere in the U.S.
At just $0.19/print and a flat $2.50 shipping rate, it is extremely affordable to obtain your photo library with no in-store pick-up. PhotoSweep’s office takes 1-2 business days to process the order and then 2-5 business days for shipping.
The queue can be personalized for each individual user according to their own unique schedule. Printing your queue can be done periodically depending on how often you want your pictures printed, with time ranges of days, weeks, and months.
Personalizing the back of the photo is a novel feature with options of adding date, location, and 40 characters of text. Picture quality comes in only one option, luster, for the time being.
Upgrades to the app are forthcoming in the 2014 year with new features like the option for different sizes of photo prints, other than the already offered normal 4×6 photo size, and options for different picture quality like glossy and matte finishes.
Photosweep recently pitched at the Arizona Technology Council Startup Connect AZ, flip through the slideshow here.
Download the Photosweep app here.