What made Free Lunch Friday 2013 awesome – slideshow

One of the first events we launched in 2013 was our Free Lunch Friday series. Founder Danny Beckett Jr. wanted to put together a national movement that not only celebrated entrepreneurs and their hunger for growing a business, but to bring them together to network, learn, collaborate and even make friends. On March 29, 2013 we kicked off our first Free Lunch Friday with Bob La Loggia, CEO Appointment Plus. What is so awesome about these events is that I see new faces, the energy is up, it’s fun, the speakers are some of the top CEOs in our state that enjoy sharing their knowledge, thrive on building a tech community, their talks are filled with humor and great advice, and there is a free lunch!

Since the launch of this event, we have been sold out each month, had over 110K hits to our AZTechBeatTV YouTube channel, and had so much interest from the community, so thank you! Also thank you to all of our sponsors who have supported this event and continue to feed our hungry entrepreneurs. If you haven’t watched all of the talks, and you are kickin back this weekend, click through below and be ready to be inspired-at a minimum, click through to read some of the advice.
January we will have Todd Hartley, CEO WireBuzz, who will explain why Google is demanding businesses use content marketing & how to get started. Stay tuned on how to attend the next FLFPHOENIX 2104.
Bob La Loggia, CEO Appointment Plus – CEOs are Jack of All Trades
Pat Sullivan, Co-Founder Contatta, Founder & former CEO ACT! and Sales Logix – Lessons I’ve Learned
Chris Johnson, President LaneTerralever – If it’s gonna get weird, get there fast, 12 lessons
Thom Brodeur, EVP Venture Management Tallwave – Commercializing Innovation
Jo Overline and Ryan Allen, co-founders Dapper Gentlemen – Embracing Mobile Technology
Brian Mohr, COO Y Scouts – Finding your “Y” in the Workplace 
Greg Head, CMO Infusionsoft – Positioning your Company for Growth 
Kevin Goldman, Founder 29th Drive – The Human Solution to the Designer/Developer Dance