Spindle acquires LA-Based Yowza!!

Spindle, a Scottsdale-based, leading provider of mobile commerce solutions, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Yowza!! (Yowza International, Inc.), a Los Angeles-based provider of mobile marketing services for consumers and merchants.
Yowza!! is a next-generation mobile marketing solution that delivers free real-time coupons and offers to consumers through their iOS and Android devices. Merchants can easily sign up for Yowza!! online, and use the service as a low-cost, secure and reliable portal to build one-on-one relationships by sending valid offers to existing and potential customers.
Upon the completion of the acquisition, Spindle will increase its reach to nearly 2 million, and will expand its roster of participating merchants to some 95,000 locations.
This acquisition adds to their recent purchase of MeNetwork and will integrate the Yowza!! services with this platform. The MeNetwork platform allows merchants to facilitate payment processing and manage customized marketing campaigns in a single interface. In addition, MeNetwork’s consumer-facing iOS and Android app allows consumers to locate merchants, discover offers, accrue loyalty points and make purchases right from their mobile devices.

Bill Clark Photo
CEO Bill Clark

CEO Bill Clark talked with AZTB about the agreement.
“This acquisition will help extend our reach and broaden our footprint in the national market,” Clark said.
Any plans to expand the team?
In conjunction with the growth of the company, we will continue to do some hiring. We are seeing the new high-tech evolution of the market, and we are expanding into the Scottsdale market, directing and servicing small businesses and increasing our footprint.
Will the Yowza!! team transfer to AZ?
Yowza!! headquarters will be ours and we will pick up some of that staff. We are still working on the combinations of the companies.
Share your thoughts about growing a tech company in Scottsdale.
Scottsdale is our headquarters and sends a message that Scottsdale is a good place to do business and Spindle is committed to growing in the Scottsdale market. We intend to stay a Scottsdale company.
For more information, visit www.spindle.com.