Greg Head, CMO of Infusionsoft, talks positioning ones' company for growth – video

Greg Head, CMO of Infusionsoft, gave an energizing and insightful talk on how to strategically position and market ones’ business for success at our Free Lunch Friday event.
Greg began the talk with explaining how marketing strategies have changed and businesses today are not just selling to their customers anymore, they also need to think in terms of marketing to investors and potential partnerships.
In developing your marketing message, Greg explained that companies have to distinguish between tactical versus strategic methods of execution. Traditional tactical methods would be word of mouth, sales channels and the outfacing message. Whereas strategy consists of  “…the decisions you make so your tactics work better,” he said. Other strategic methods include positioning, target marketing, identifying customer problems, highlighting the unique benefits of your product and services, differentiation, branding and the business model.
Positioning ones’ company correctly is key to success Greg said. He went on to share that Infusionsoft’s successful positioning has been key to their growth and raising money. Using Infusionsoft as an example, their company has been consistent with their positioning and focus since the beginning-they build marketing software for small businesses and are 100 percent focused on helping small business succeed.
So how does one position their company for growth? Greg explained that is really comes down to clarity, focus and being the best at what you do. Other suggestions to consider when constructing your positioning strategy:

  • Differentiation –  explain why you are different than other companies
  • Explain it forward – identify if customers can explain what you do with ease to others?
  • Declare it – your marketing efforts need to declare something about your company. Ask yourself, “What do you want to be known for?” Well then declare it!
  • Build your credibility game – companies can do this by being focused in their efforts, sticking to what they know and build from there
  • Be one thing! – identify your one thing, focus on that, and be excellent at that one thing
  • Be the leader! – identify where you can be a leader in your industry and focus on that
  • Narrow focus – know what you are good at and stay focused on that until it’s time to expand out
  • Clarity – bring clarity and focus to your positioning statement and mission

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  1. How is one able to craft this “unique” message being in a highly saturated market, but having relative success in doing so? In the industry that I’m in, “delivering” is usually 90% of the reason why customers appreciate your service so much. I feel anyone can make the “we’re the best at what we do” claim, and I heard that in marketing, that’s not powerful at all. I’m wondering how I can separate from the pack if I’m offering what many others offer.

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