Startup to help Indie filmmakers make money

Get your popcorn ready and log onto, where filmmakers come together to share their independent film work with their audiences. This startup is a technology company that streams Independent films, TV pilots, webisodes and music videos while building an online film community. The founders focus on Independent filmmakers, film students and film enthusiasts and help filmmakers showcase and sell their films as well as distribute their films outside of traditional channels. also tour the country to visit film schools, conventions and Comic-Cons to help build their community. I spoke to Candace Rose, co-founder of, a Desarrollo Venture, to find out more about this unique idea.
How did you guys come up with this unique idea? is a disruptive distribution platform for short and feature independent films. We too are independent filmmakers, and we saw that there is a need for a distribution platform that allows filmmakers an opportunity to earn revenue for their films, outside of the traditional distribution models. We wanted to provide filmmakers with a site where they can upload their films, and stream their features for a small fee or their short films for “tips” or donations.
Would you say you have any substantial competitors?
Our main competitors in the video streaming world are Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo. Like them, we offer original content and independent films. Where we stand apart, is that we are developing a collective or community of filmmakers who support each other and offer “crowd sharing” – you bring your fans to the site and I will bring mine. Our platform is also open and accessible to all filmmakers. We believe that all filmmakers should have the opportunity to self-distribute, and the best films will rise to the top. We also encourage filmmakers to market their own films and promote films by other independent filmmakers on the site as well.
So how do filmmakers make money? has a social media team that helps filmmakers market and promote their films, we do not charge membership fees from the filmmakers, filmmakers can earn up to 90 percent of their streaming fees and tips, and we are non-exclusive, which sets us apart from the competition.
What have you heard from your viewers?
We are still in the beginning stages of our website, but so far the response has been great. We currently feature several great, original short films and one feature film on our site “Speak No Evil,” which is an original production from
Have you raised any money?
We have raised funds through our first round of fundraising, and are currently working on our next round to build more technology through our website and apps, increase marketing and cover operation expenses.
Where do you guys hope to take this?
Our vision for the future includes trans-media or interactive media projects, as well as a collection of independent feature films and documentaries on the site. We want to offer scholarships and contests to young, independent filmmakers to help promote their work and their careers by networking within film schools nationwide.
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