Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship co-working space to open

On Monday, November 18, the new Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) co-working space, located in the City of Maricopa, opens for business. The facility offers a 24/7 tenant option, an open and dedicated work space, shared business services and unlimited coffee! MCE’s goal is to increase successful innovative small businesses originating in or relocating to Maricopa. 

Tom Baxter, director of MEC tells AZTB, “These are exciting times in Maricopa! The civic and municipal leaders of our community have united to encourage, support and stimulate entrepreneurial innovation. MCE is where the rubber meets the road on the way to the innovation horizon.”
As for pricing co-working space starts at $75/month and gives you WIFI, shared business services, access to a monthly invitation-only network event and of course unlimited coffee. Cubicle space runs $225/month, you get all the benefits of the co-working, plus a lockable cubicle workspace, conference room, video conferencing  and other perks.
The co-working space is located in the Maricopa Fiesta Shopping Center. The Grand Opening celebration begins at 5:00 p.m. and kicks off with a ribbon cutting, networking, speakers, a tour, then a Business Plan Competition.
If you are interested in leasing space contact the MCE at: (520) 510-5535 or visit the website 

To R.S.V.P. for the event visit:
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