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Named one of the “Coolest College Startups in America” by Inc. Magazine, named one of the top five Facebook pages for Small Businesses in the world by Social Media Examiner, recognized by national news media for their epicness, two-time ASU Edson Student Entrepreneurship Initiative award winner and now a MAC6 incubee, founder and president Will Curran of Endless Entertainment created a one-stop-shop for event planning to help companies create unforgettable and awesome events. I spoke to Curran to learn more.
Big kudos for being named Coolest College Startup in America!! How did you guys come up with this idea?
Why thank you very much! Well, Endless started as a simple backyard DJ service back in 2007 when I was in high school because I thought my high school dances were lame. As I did more and more events, I found that a lot of people thought their dances were lame (and eventually found that a lot of events were lackluster to say the least). So my mission was to bring massive event technology used in clubs and the largest concerts around the world, so the events I was attending. Since then, I have found that taking care of clients and creating the equation is really what everyone on our team is about.
What kind of cool stuff do you guys do differently than other event planners?
Well first, fun is one of our core values! We make sure that everyone on our staff knows that we’re in the business of creating amazing experience, and how can you do that if you don’t plan to have fun first. That said, at Endless, we’re all about creating the equation through quality, trust and ease. We want our clients to consider us their event “Einsteins”- someone who can take all the complicated things involved in putting together an event and simplify it to a simple formula. We pair the technical knowledge of lighting, sound, video, staging, and special effects with entertainment to create once in a lifetime experience for our clients.
Tell me about some of your events? Which ones have been the most memorable?
We’ve planned everything from college events to corporate events to charity galas and fundraisers to concerts. Three events that are highlights for me have to be the ASU Undie Run where we helped aid in creating the college’s largest end of the charity event. They were able to raise over five tons in clothing and two tons in food for the homeless.
Also, Phoenix Comicon was one of my favorites. Personally, I am a huge Batman fan-so when we had the opportunity to work with people who were passionate about sharing some of our same favorite things-it was a no brainer. Phoenix Comicon was named the 7th largest comic book convention after this past year…which was awesome to be part of.
Lastly, a staple event of Tempe is the Fiesta Bowl Block Party. We helped produce this event and attracted nearly 100,000 people to our stage at midnight and we got to ring in the new year with people around us in 360 degrees.
will curran 1
Founder Will Curran

How did you get involved with MAC6?
I love what MAC6 is all about. For the longest time, it was hard for me to describe what I thought of as good business ethics; upon sitting down with MAC6, I found the answer to my questions, and it was Conscious Capitalism. For me, purpose, involving all of your stakeholders, having great leadership, and having a culture is naturally part of our business.
What’s the feedback from the partygoers?
I have literally seen everything. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent at events that are both my own and others. I love hearing comments when people come into a newly transformed space and seeing their jaws hit the floor. I also love hearing people say things like “that was the best night of my life” after an event-it makes me feel like I’ve changed their life after an event and sometimes it has changed their life.
What’s next?
Onward and upward. As technology grows, events only get bigger, and new events pop up every day, Endless will be here, well endlessly. We are growing at a massive rate every year because we focus so much on the client experience.
We are on a mission to produce some of the largest events across the entire country. Internationally, we have successfully produced an event in Moscow, Russia.
Learn more about Endless Entertainment here.

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