Gadgets for the Guru – smartphone accessories

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The Upwrite is a stylus and kickstand hybrid designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s. Equipped with the ability to attach to any set of keys, the Upwrite provides users with the option to prop their smart phone upright for viewing on the go. Then, as the need arises, users can flip the Upwrite and they have a stylus at their fingertips for pinpoint precision while using the touch screen. The AZTB gadget review team put this to the test and found that though it did hold up the smartphone the stylus was a bit awkward in size to work with for a phone, but better for a tablet. $27.99
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The mīk Sound Case is a sound amplifying case designed for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The case uses mīk’s patent-pending sound channel to amplify sound up to 15 to 20 decibels louder. Additionally, the case improves the tone and clarity of the sound and features impact resistant rubber to protect the user’s phone. The case comes in five colors: black, purple, pink, blue and yellow. $19.99
If you don’t want to stand over your document and take a picture, there is another option…the StandScan portable scanner allows users to create clear, bright scans with the help of a built-in LED light-it’s compatible with an iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows smartphone. Using magnets to hold its shape, the stand SSP_main_from_top_left_angle_iphone5snaps into a scanning box from its flat storage position. By placing the smartphone with the camera facing down and the document to be scanned underneath, your phone can capture important documents, bills, photos and more. The StandScan also doubles as a light box for photographing items. $29.95
The Phogo is an iPhone 5 case designed for the photographer in you. Equipped with a universal tripod mount, your phone can be placed on most standard tripods. The case features a custom opening for connecting wide, macro and fisheye lenses and has the ability to clip to a lanyard, belt loop, camera bag and more. The case comes in 10 different colors and styles: purple, burgundy red, blue, brown, black, leather, steel, palladium, tweed and ostrich. $34.95
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