Deemed "Worst Pitch" on Shark Tank, Startup Rolodoc aims to sharpen their virtual rolodex

Drs. Albert Amini and Richard Amini got a once in a lifetime chance to present their startup RoloDoc on live television on the popular show Shark Tank. Their basic platform is to create a credible physician directory and mobile health app patients can use to reach out directly to a doctor that fits them perfectly. The site would basically become like a LinkedIn for physicians, and patients would use RoloDoc to upload and display their medical records.
“What we’re trying to do is bring social media and the social network to the medical profession,” Albert Amini said.
Unfortunately, they weren’t ready for the Sharks-at one point Mark Cuban walked out of the pitch entirely right after his blatant critique of the “worst pitch” to the two docs. Watch the whole pitch and Mark Cuban’s response below.
But the Amini brothers didn’t give up, their goal is to foster an easy exchange of ideas and a faster form of communication through the use of online physician search tools and a mobile app for encrypted emailing and encrypted password protected text messaging.
But why would the medical profession want this? According to Richard, it will allow for seamless connections in the medical field. “I think if you ask anyone in the medical field, they would reiterate how difficult it is to find contact info, connect with someone and how much they would prefer the ability to text each other,” Richard says.
Since appearing on Shark Tank, the entrepreneurs have received some positive feedback. Richard shares, “We have received applications for positions within RoloDoc as well as potential investment opportunities. We have also received collegial emails with potential recommendations for ways to improve our pitch. Obviously we also received emails which were less than supportive, but this kind of thing will happen when you make yourself vulnerable to millions of viewers.”
The duo is well aware that a startup takes work and a network of contributors to bring an idea to fruition. “Part of the reason for exploring Shark Tank (even when we knew we weren’t ready) was for the ability to quickly market our product and obtain additional resources. If we didn’t pursue this now, someone else would and might beat us to the punch,” Richard says.
Learn more about RoloDoc here.