Acoustic Technologies acquired by Cirrus Logic

Acoustic Technologies, an audio solutions provider has been acquired by Cirrus Logic, an analog and digital signal processing components supplier. Acoustic Technologies is based in Mesa, Arizona, and is a leader in embedded firmware voice processing technology, including noise reduction, echo cancelation and voice enhancement. The company’s applications are used by smartphone manufacturers and as well as GPS, headsets, portable speakerphones, car speakerphones and car audio products. In the tech world, and to everyday users, these are vital tools and the effectiveness of their audio system is crucial.
“Acoustic Tech’s team of audio experts and their proven voice processing technologies are a welcome addition to Cirrus Logic’s arsenal,” said Jason Rhode, president and chief executive officer, Cirrus Logic. “We expect the combination of sophisticated voice-processing algorithms and Cirrus Logic’s market leading audio hardware to provide a very compelling value proposition for our customers.”
The acquisition will provide Cirrus Logic with some vital audio enhancement and voice processing solutions. In addition to this, about 90 percent of the company’s revenues come from audio products. In fact, just last year, their revenue from audio products increased over 77 percent.
Currently, Apple remains Cirrus Logic’s major client, and with the acquisition of Acoustic their products will only help boost audio quality for smartphone users.
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