Startup Localeikki transitions into public beta phase

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Localeikki, a Flagstaff-based startup, developed a community-based mobile app and website to help travelers locate running, hiking and cycling trails around the country complete with ratings, amenity listings and photos.
The unique brand name was created by Tracy McMillan and co-founder Taylor Thomas and stems from the “locavore” concept, “loca” meaning local and “leikki” meaning “play” in Finnish—all roads lead to play local.
AZ Tech Beat first caught up with them during their crowdfunding campaign and I recently spoke with CEO Tracy McMillan about their latest news as they transition into a public beta phase.
What was it like getting your fully developed app into the app store?
The app was in development for several months, first with a core group of local beta testers, then putting it out to a broader group of active individuals across the country for customer validation of function, features, user interface–the standard stuff you test.
Since Localeikki is all about locally recommended, publicly accessible places to run, walk, hike, and bike, we spent the last couple of months of testing focused on content. [Through our] Ambassador Program we reached out to active individuals and groups around the country via our industry connections and social media [to contribute their favorite local places]. We submitted our app for review and within two weeks, it was ready for sale.
What will be included in the Public Beta phase?
Our goal with the public beta phase is to grow the Localeikki community and user-generated content, and to further refine our concept through engagement with our users.
How are you marketing Localeikki?
We’re piloting our Specialty Partner program, which provides a mechanism for local running/cycling/outdoor retailers to reach travelers (and locals) about community activities, sales and promotions.
[In addition,] we are active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we are using our connections within the health and fitness industries to introduce them to Localeikki and have some fun road trips planned for the fall to connect with the locals!
What is coming up in the near future?
Our ultimate goal is to build a social network of active individuals that share and find outdoor places to run, walk, hike and ride when traveling. We want to be the ‘go-to’ resource for the tens of millions of people that want to get out of the hotel gym & explore the local, active scene around them.
How can our AZ Tech Beat readers try out this app?
iPhone/iPad readers can download the app for $1.99 on the App Store.
Let us know how you like the app by commenting below or via social media.
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