Gadgets for the Guru

The Phogo is an iPhone 5 case designed for the photographer in you. Equipped with a universal tripod mount, your phone can be placed on most standard tripods. The case features a custom opening for connecting wide, macro and fisheye lenses and has the ability to clip to a lanyard, belt loop, camera bag and more. The case comes in 10 different colors and styles: purple, burgundy red, blue, brown, black, leather, steel, palladium, tweed and ostrich. $34.95 

Nadia Cheema © 2011

The SurfEasy provides users with Internet privacy when using work computers or shared computers at the library, Internet café, hotel and more. This device plugs into the USB port of any desktop or laptop computer. Users can then launch SurfEasy’s private browser to surf the web, check email, online bank and more. Not only does your history and passwords go with you when you unplug the SurfEasy, but it hides your IP address so online activity is anonymous. The SurfEasy features the ability to store username and passwords on the USB and the option of an on-screen keyboard.
AZTB reviewed this software and liked the ability to hide ones’ IP address and it worked well. However, in our testing, we noticed the Firefox software was an older version, and while their website mentions the ability to download updates, it wasn’t easy to find the location as to where to obtain these updates. The presentation and packaging was attractive, functional, and portable. We did feel that the price point was too high. However, for the average consumer who has the need for such a product, this is a valuable product to carry if you are surfing in a public space. $69.99
Add some unique design, with a bit of illusion, to your office with the Areaware’s Flat Life Clock. It is a funky combination of functionality and personality. Designed by Irish artist Finn Magee for his Flat Life Series, this two-dimensional poster performs as a three-dimensional product. The poster is only ¼ inch thick but features a fully functional clock with a power cord. $150
You’ve seen them on reality shows, now you can have your own…the Drive HD Professional Grade Dash Cam by Cobra Electronics Corporation is a camera designed to record everything the driver sees in full 1080P HD video. The camera features a 140-degree wide-angle lens, the ability to swivel to record inside your car, the option for audio recording and has infrared LEDs for filming at night. The Dash Cam takes 12 megapixel still shots and all images and videos can be viewed on a TV or Computer. Additionally, the camera’s embedded G-Sensor automatically saves clips of video when it detects a collision. The camera runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and includes an 8GB MicroSD memory card. $119.95
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