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AZ Tech Beat | January 19, 2021

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Event Planning Software Boosts Engagement Among Conference Goers

Event Planning Software Boosts Engagement Among Conference Goers
Lanni Solochek


EventInterface, an event planning software company developed a tool specifically for that industry, making the process of putting on a conference a bit more manageable and enjoyable for all.

CEO Al Wynant and CTO Rod Bridges are the brains behind the tool. With a fully integrated platform, that takes minutes to get up and running, companies are able to manage small-to-large conferences and all the complex tasks needed to make it run, such as ticket sales, speakers, sponsors, check-ins, event social media and marketing, cloud sharing of documents and presentations, mobile engagement, live streaming and more, with ease.

EventInterface also supports virtual events and allows at-home attendees to participate in real-time at the event, creating an additional revenue stream for organizations and companies. The pricing is also manageable; for $99 a month, planners can manage one event at a time or for $249 a month, planners can run unlimited events (additional users are $50 per person). I spoke with Al about his goals and plans for his company.

How did you come up with EventInterface?

A few years ago we were event and meeting planners. We went out looking for a software solution to successfully plan and manage our events. We also needed all the parts to interact with each other. Nothing [ we found worked]. Rod Bridges created the first, and subsequent, versions of EventInterface for use with our own events.

Events and meetings have many moving parts, and managing all of these parts can be extremely challenging, time-consuming and expensive. EventInterface provides one tool to help manage all of the moving parts of an event via a cloud-based and mobile solution.

iPad_App_Planner_Screen_ShotHow does the mobile app help your customer and attendees?

As with our software, our mobile app for iPhone and iPad was created in-house by Rod Bridges. We look at the app as a tool for both the planner and the attendee; it’s a management and attendee engagement tool. The integrated iPhone and iPad App works with the online system and helps planners share event details, documents and video, [and more].

How is EventInterface different from your competitors?

From Cvent to Eventbrite, there is nothing wrong with these tools but all they really do is registrations. EventInterface provides the registrations tools with all of the other services on top of it for a monthly fee vs. transaction fee.

We also offer two types of accounts. There is the standard account for planners who plan events and meetings and need across the board access to data. We also have group accounts where a parent company has access to all event data, but departments or other outside groups can manage their events and meetings, and have access to only their data. The parent has access to data of all groups under the master account.

According to Wynant, unique features include a private social network for attendees to encourage discussions pre- and post- event through their Apple-compatible mobile app; sharing of data during and after the event is a plus and gives the company an opportunity to obtain more attendee sign-ups to purchase additional resources. Through their mobile app, attendees can utilize the cloud share to download video and gather information as well as scan attendee badges to collect contact information, chat with other attendees, view and upload event pictures, and more. Collaborators of the event are able to communicate and share information on one platform. Finally, the live streaming provides an additional revenue outlet by allowing individuals to register to pay and view videos and materials post-event online 


Tell me about the money part of the business and product.

EventInterface has been self-funded with some friends and family support. Our business is self-supporting. [As for the pricing model, it] grew out of many conversations with event and meeting planners. Planners can cancel their account once an event is finished, or place their account on a vacation hold between events at $39 per month and come back to all of their data intact and usable as they plan their next event.

What’s in the future for EventInterface?

We are launching integration with a CRM provider this summer. We’re adding an Android application later in the fall, and are implementing tools for planners to share recordings of workshops and sessions via podcast with their attendees post event. Our mobile apps to manage events and engage attendees will continue to be enhanced with more features. We also continue to expand Event TALK! our bi-weekly educational podcast show. We also look forward to hiring additional talent.

For more information on EventInterface, click here.

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