Gadgets for the Guru

netgear gadget
As part of NETGEAR VueZone Home Monitoring product line, this Night Vision Camera allows users to keep an eye on children, pets, property vacation homes and businesses, even in the dark. Footage can be monitored via a connected laptop, smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. The camera includes an infrared lamp that provides options for illuminating scenes in low light and darkness and can be place separate from the camera. The Night Vision Camera also has the ability to automatically detect motion up to 15 feet, record, and even and send an email alert. $127.99
Monkey Light Pro 2
The Monkey Light Pro allows bike riders to express their creativity and individuality in a unique way. Using cutting edge technology, the Monkey Light Pro displays images and animation on spinning bicycle wheel. The shock resistant and weatherproof device features 256 LED lights and 4,096 colors that can be customized into designs uploaded via Bluetooth. Users can upload up to 1,000 photos or 90 seconds of video through Monkey Light Pro’s open source API or they can use pre-loaded designs. The device is currently only available via Kickstarter. $495 – $695
Take a look at some of the designs you can display here .
3Tinké is a small, compact fitness and wellness monitor powered by iOS devices. This device allows you to track and measure your heart rate, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate and heart rate variability. Tinké creates personalized fitness scores and levels of relaxation from the data it collects and it monitors your progress. All data can be read on the screen of your iOS device and can be shared via social media. $119
Check out the demo here