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With 6.1 billion texts sent and received in the United States everyday, ReplyBuy, a Scottsdale-based software company, is taking advantage of this opportunity and developed a new form of mobile commerce by leveraging something you already use: text messages. Their technology is helping companies solve their problem of unloading excess perishable or time-sensitive inventory or last-minute promotions at a rapid rate. In addition, ReplyBuy also helps create a point-of-sale system where businesses and non-profits can send special offers to customers, as well as, create sales campaigns and manage transactions in real-time via text messages.
With an average of 4.8 billion mobile devices having the ability to send and receive text messages regardless of their make and model and a ninety seven percent text message open rate, Manley looked at starting a mobile commerce company as a no brainer.
“The solutions being offered [to purchase products or services] are fragmented, littered with compatibility challenges and hardware issues, and leaving consumers with little reason to adopt them . . . So we decided to make it easy.”
Although their product was originally designed for enterprise, they are encouraging small-to-medium businesses to use their service, move inventory and expand their customer base.
How does it work? Once you sign up for an account and input your payment information, you can begin to follow different retailers or brands, or “use it as a ‘one-off’ transaction,” to purchase an item. Through an analogue channel such as a print advertisement, billboard, flyer, or radio or television commercial or even if you are at an event and want to purchase an item, simply text the purchase code to ReplyBuy, and voila! your purchase is complete.
Manley explains further, “Users have the choice to follow big brands, concert venues, restaurants, or businesses they like [similar to how] they would follow someone on Twitter. When the business has something special to offer, those subscribers are the first to know and have the opportunity to purchase the items before anyone else.
“The mobile commerce industry as a whole is expected to grow by over $84 billion dollars in the next four and a half years, which means businesses are paying close attention,” he states.
ReplyBuy recently raised $690,000 in angel investment funds. Manley comments on the funding, “Securing this funding will help us step on the gas to accelerate growth and adoption of ReplyBuy’s platform. We’ve been fortunate enough to have tremendous local support from key Angels like Pat Sullivan, Tom Curzon, Kevin J. Berk, Ray Croghan, Mario Martinez II and other strategic investors. We’ve also received backing from part of the team that helped create YouTube as well as some of the early PayPal team members from the Bay Area.”
ReplyBuy will add this funding to their recent winnings of $250,000 from the Arizona Innovation Challenge, totaling $940,000 of investment to fuel their growth.
With the help of recent funding and support from angel investors and seasoned tech leaders, the future for ReplyBuy looks bright. Manley’s optimism also extends to Arizona’s tech sector.
“Arizona is home. Our roots run deep here and my family’s been here since the late 1890’s. It was a natural fit for me to start my business here and it’s also a great place to start a technology company. The startup scene here is gaining some major momentum. We’re starting to get some national attention. It’s an exciting time and I’m extremely optimistic about our tech ecosystem,” he states.
What is next for ReplyBuy? “Near term we’re looking to dominate a specific niche within mobile commerce. We’re also looking to expand the team with talented engineers and in the process of seeking a director of sales.” Manley also hinted about some large partnerships to be announced in the near future.
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