Steven Zylstra, CEO of AZ Tech Council, Named Chairman of TECNA

Chairman, President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council Steven G. Zylstra will be assuming the role of Chairman of the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) for a two year term. Zylstra will be the head of a 13-member executive committee at TECNA, which represents more than 16,000 member technology companies throughout the US, Canada and Finland.
TECNA will plan several new events and activities under Zylstra, “including a national gala to provide local technology Council award winners an opportunity for further recognition, a national survey tailored for a national perspective on the industry and a state of the industry report with state-by-state information that would be aggregated and shared with lawmakers at the federal level.”
Newly appointed executive director of TECNA, Bob Moore, CAE, said, “In addition to welcoming Steve to this new role, we wish to acknowledge and extend our appreciation for the leadership Tino Mantella provided during his tenure as President of TECNA. Steve brings his own unique talents and proven leadership skills to the organization, and collectively, we will continue to leverage our influence on issues and policies that will advance the technology industry.”
steve_zlytra_headshot1Zylstra has been the president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council since 2007. He came into his position after serving as president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, Catalyst Connection, the Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center, and the Doyle Center for Manufacturing Technology. He has served in leadership roles on councils across the country since the 1980s.
Zylstra told AZ Tech Beat, “The fact that TECNA has looked to Arizona for its next Chairman speaks to the recognition the Council has received nationally for moving the state’s innovation initiatives and economic development agenda forward. It also presents an opportunity for Arizona Technology Council members to get involved with TECNA at a national level with their marketing programs and put an additional spotlight on the great work being done in the Arizona.”
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