Tucson Named "Hot Spot" by Entrepreneur Magazine

Tucson has been named one of the “New Hot Spots” for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine. Featured in the August 2013 issue, Shane Reiser, co-founder of the Startup Genome, wrote about Tucson’s unique “entrepreneurial conveyor belt.” The article discusses the process of building a business in Tucson and how the entrepreneurial environment contributes to the success spreading across the city. Beginning with hackathons and maker fairs and ending with pitch events, the entire community travels through the process of starting a business together.
As well, Desert Angels, an angel investor group based in Tucson, was named a top venture capitalist group in the country by Silicon Valley Bank. The success in Tucson was also noted by IBM’s acquisition of locally based and created Knowledge Computing/i2 and local biotech firm SynCardia System’s development of an artificial heart.
Tucson is on the fast track to being a major hub for entrepreneurship. Check out some other developments in Tucson covered by AZ Tech Beat:
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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons