Vanity Point Releases Mouthy App

Vanity Point, a full-service digital solution provider that offers custom programming, advertising, management, recently developed the Mouthy mobile app, “where the users chat and give each other points for how clever, funny or intelligent each others replies are,” Kimber Johnson, Managing Director for Vanity Point said. Within the app there are “mini games” that allow users to gain points, such as “Coin a Phrase” where users get points for clever phrases. This app will be released soon on iTunes.
Vanity Point also increased their focus on developing apps that integrate with external devices. “This is opening up a whole new world of applications as companies are using the computing power of smartphones to run monitors, sensors, or other devices,” Johnson said. Some examples of this type of technology are home automation apps or applications that allow farmers to track and measure metrics across large operations.
Another area of growth is the use of apps in an educational setting. Johnson explains that Vanity Point is well versed in this sector and uses web-based data, to develop applications that integrates grades, schedules and student services. But they aren’t stopping there, “We have been at the front of the curve with augmented reality apps and with external accessory apps and we will strive to remain at the cutting edge in the future. Our employees enjoy seeing the success of our clients and pushing the boundaries of new technologies,” Johnson states.
Vanity Point headquarters in Phoenix and believes the Valley is ideal for the high-tech industry “it’s a great place for a business as it offers a positive economic environment and a quality workforce as well as providing a great family oriented community for our employees,” Johnson states.
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3 thoughts on “Vanity Point Releases Mouthy App”

  1. I am the owner of an app developed by Vanity Point. They did an awful job with my app. I cannot count the number of errors that Mr. Johnson’s (the ownder) developers made on this app. I receive emails almost on a regular basis with people who have found glitches in the app. Mr. Johnson uses no quality assurance measures and often uses the excuse “It works on our tester phones” when I tell him about the glitches. If you want to save yourself time, money, and a huge headache then chose any other developer than this one.
    I have since hired a new developer. Their team commented on how poorly written the code for this app has been. Now, I have to spend thousands of dollars to fix what should’ve been done correctly in the first place by Mr. Johnson and Vanity Point. BEWARE!

  2. I look forward to checking this app out. Vanity Point built an app for us and we are very happy with it. They were very helpful throughout the entire process and I feel like they went the extra mile on our project. I have worked with several other design and development firms in the past and would rate Vanity Point among the best of them. They really understand apps and made several great suggestions that made our project much better. Our project was not a simple one either, it accesses 14 different databases on 7 different severs and it has worked just as intended ever since we took it live. They also did this at a lower charge than the other firms we got quotes from. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vanity Point to anyone looking for a web site or mobile apps.

  3. Mouthy is a blast. My work friends and I chat on it all the time. Great alternative to Facebook or Twitter. It’s easy to use and fun.

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