Weekend Reads: Manage workplace stress, Crowdfunding and How to Become a Top Dog

This weekend, unplug and delve into a book with stories aimed to inspire, educate, or elevate your entrepreneurial mind. Here are some of our finds.
Book_FrutkincrowdfuningEquity Crowdfunding: Transforming Customers Into Loyal Customers – By Jonathan Frutkin
In his new book, local author and CEO of Cricca Funding, Jonathan Frutkin discusses the emotional and potentially dark side of crowdfunding and how changes to the SEC laws will shape crowdfunding efforts.
Insights from Frutkin:
“One challenge with crowdfunding is that all of a sudden you have a lot of investors who need varying levels of attention. But in exchange you have a bunch of owners. And we know three things about owners:
1) They frequent places they own more often.
2) They spend more at places they own, and
3) They become evangelicals for their company, using their social networks to passionately promote their business.”
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Book_Top Dog]Top dog: The Science of Winning and Losing – By Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman
Authors Bronson and Merryman breakdown the productivity and psychological methods used by the office “Top Dogs,” as well as, gives insight as to how these individuals handle pressure and stress, assess the perception of risk, deal with the warrior/worrier mindset and answer the question of why they seem to conquer challenges and move up the office ranks with ease.
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Book_Is Work Killing YouIs Work Killing You? A Doctor’s Prescription for Treating Workplace Stress – By David Posen, MD
Growth, layoffs, low retention and morale, just some of the stresses and woes that employees endure in a workplace. Dr. Posen takes a raw look at the “first-hand and up-close psychological and physical damage,” employees experience from workplace stress. Dr. Posen says the top three workplace stressors are: increase in workload, velocity and abuse. This book is geared to both employees and employers in order to help them understand how to manage and in some cases prevent these stresses in the workplace. Dr. Posen also offers some solutions to employers on how to have more stress-free days.
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 Reviews provided by Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Bookworm SEZ, and AZTB.