Colyar Consulting Group Secures Funding from Shore Points Capital and Greyrock Capital Group

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Colyar Consulting Group, Inc. (CCG), the leading developer of web-based software solutions for managing USDA Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs with over 50 percent of the country using their software, received investments from Greyrock Capital Group and Shore Points Capital.
“CCG integrates emerging computer technologies with custom applications and system software to provide innovative, reliable, and cost effective solutions. One of CCG’s strengths is our ability to easily adapt and accommodate new program requirements. One example of this are enhancements made to the Child Nutrition software line to incorporate features that accommodate Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010″, explains Jeff Colyar, CEO and President of CCG.
Shore Points Capital stated, “…this investment to CCG represents its fifth enterprise into the standalone software business.” Ed Irwin, Managing Partner said, “Colyar Consulting Group is led by an outstanding and proven leadership team that impressed us with their years of domain expertise and the results they have generated. Shore Points and Greyrock look forward to working together and with the CCG team.”
Colyar also looks forward to working with his VC partners, “We, at CCG, are very excited to be joining forces with Shore Points Capital and Greyrock Capital, as we work to expand our product lines, seek new customers, and expand into new areas. The investment provides CCG with the resources needed to support these initiatives.”
Colyar plans to stay in Arizona, grow and create jobs for the local economy.
“CCG plans to retain the Phoenix headquarters and remain part of the vibrant Arizona technology community. With this investment, CCG is adding additional workforce in the areas of software development, quality assurance, and project management,” Colyar said.
Greyrock Capital Group provided subordinated debt and equity to support Shore Point’s Capital’s recapitalization of the company. No additional funding information was provided.
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