Gadgets for the Guru

 helicopter camera gadget SAM_5827
The Aphex is fully autonomous drone that allows digital point and shoot and light DSLR cameras to take high-resolution aerial photos. Six motors provide power to the drone and lift it up to a 500g payload. It features a carbon fiber camera gimbal that stabilizes your camera so photos can be taken even in strong wind. The Aphex’s Mission Planner ground station gives users real-time flight data and allows them to control the Aphex, adjust the camera’s tilt, snap pictures and more. Starting at $799
Check out some of the aerial photos taken from the Aphex here.
Josh Ohms Copyright - everpurse
The Everpurse is a fashionable clutch or handbag that charges your smartphone wirelessly on-the-go. The user activates the purse’s charging feature by slipping their phone into the designated pocket and onto the dock connector at the bottom. To fully charge the purse, simply lay the purse on the inductive charging mat and it will be ready to go in a few hours. Everpurse comes in a multitude of styles and colors. $189 – $319  Photo by Josh Ohms
Learn how the Founder created Everpurse here.
Recoil Winders are any tech guru’s solution to tangled cords. By hooking cords or headphones to a Recoil and giving it a tug, the cable winds onto a spring-loaded spindle. The Recoil Winders come in a small size for headphones, medium for lightweight charging cords for cell phones and tablets and large for all charging cords and cables.  $9.99 Check out Recoil Winders in action here.
RecoilWinders MG Image
The PowerFlask allows users to charge up to three devices at a time. This black bicast leather flask look-alike features a 13,000 mAh lithium battery with a voltage of 3.7 to 4.0V. It allows connection to multiple devices using the included USB-to-Micro-USB cable, USB-to-Dual-Micro-USB and 2 30-pin iPad and iPhone connectors. The PowerFlask can be recharged using a USB power adapter. $89.95
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