Desarrollo, Not Your Typical Incubator, Launches Today

desarrollo, a community-based initiative, launched today and has its eyes on the prize of developing Arizona into the premiere destination for entrepreneurs. Inspired by incubator programs around the world, desarrollo aims to “develop a community of collaboration, growth, knowledge and inspiration” to set Arizona on the fast track to becoming THE entrepreneurial-focused ecosystem and “do it in less than five years,” a phrase that has been adapted as a motto of sorts for desarrollo.
The mind and muscle behind desarrollo is founder and community advocate David Rice who has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to launch his newest project. The initiative’s power lies in its “strategic partnerships with Arizona’s business leaders, angel to capital investors, CEOs, university presidents, foundations, and experts,” all of whom are acting as mentors in their entrepreneur Phoenix Flight Program.
The Phoenix Flight Program will comprise of selected “Phoenicians,” acquired through an application process. The program provides education, mentorship, a collaborative workspace and resources to build the perfect flight plan to success. The founders will be taken through a program developed by experts in the industry to fine-tune their skills in business practices, such as culture development, sales and marketing strategies, operational planning, among other skills in order to become a viable and sustainable business in Arizona.
Desarrollo partnered with Infusionsoft, and will house their office there for the near future. Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask said, “Our purpose is to help small businesses succeed and desarrollo supports this by helping expand Arizona’s entrepreneurial and small business community. We are excited to watch desarrollo’s progress and eager to see the impact they will leave in Arizona.”
Those who wish to become mentors can apply to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and add to the unique world being built in Arizona.
Rice says his program is “no walk in the park and is only for the most dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs completely committed to success.”
For more information on desarrollo, visit their website.

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  1. w00t! Can’t wait to start seeing these teams down at the Cereal Bar everyday! Love working for Infusionsoft and helping small businesses succeed – in so many creative ways 🙂

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