Startup TheraSpecs Lens Help Prevent Migraines & Eyestrain

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TheraSpecs are precision tinted glasses that filter certain wavelengths of light that often cause headaches, migraines, eyestrain, photophobia, epilepsy, and many other health problems.
Founder Hart Shafer explains that TheraSpecs “was born out of a personal need.” His wife, Kerrie, suffers from chronic migraines and headaches.
“We were unsatisfied by both the difficulty of acquiring precision-tinted eyewear and by the fact that the frames we could select were not designed with therapeutic use in mind. I set out to create something better,” Shafer explained.
And he did. TheraSpecs are designed for therapeutic use to treat a wide range of conditions that can stem from light sensitivity. “They also help people who don’t think of themselves as having a ‘condition’ at all, but experience headaches and eyestrain while working under artificial light in their office, lab, or warehouse,” Shafer explains.
The Shafers began their project by searching for the right pair of glasses. They found that many glasses still let in too much light from the top and sides. Kerrie Shafer still needed to wear a baseball cap and hold her hands on the side of the glasses because of the extra light.
As a result, Hart designed glasses that wrap around the face to prevent reflections without blocking peripheral vision, and also stop light from coming in from above. Comfort was also a large factor because the glasses might need to be worn all day. The resulting frames are lightweight with flexible earpieces to avoid squeezing ones’ head.
TheraSpecs are available in an indoor and outdoor lens.  “While the indoor lens provides relief, it isn’t as dark as a normal pair of sunglasses, which means people can still see the wearer’s eyes and the wearer doesn’t become more sensitive to light, which is an issue when wearing sunglasses indoors,” Shafer explains. The outdoor lens is much darker and polarized. They work like a normal pair of sunglasses, but focus on the most painful wavelengths and provide more relief.
For the future, Shafer hopes to expand TheraSpecs both through healthcare provider referrals and retail opportunities. They are working on new styles to combine fashion and therapeutics and also promoting that customers can send any frame to be fitted with the TheraSpecs lenses.
Recently TheraSpecs pitched at SeedSpot Demo Day read about it here.
Learn more about TheraSpecs here.

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