Control Your Home Security Through Your Mobile Device

AT&T announced that it will be launching Digital Life, a home security system controlled through the web or mobile device, in several more cities including Phoenix. Digital Life is designed to allow easy, fast, convenient home management remotely. Through their existing broadband provider and any wireless service, customers can manage many different facets of their home including doors, lighting, thermostats and more. Digital Life has two paths: the simple security path or the smart security path, both including unique features with add-ons available.
AT&T preaches four exclusive characteristics to differentiate them from other home control systems:

  • Actively Protected & In Control: Complete home security with professional monitoring
  • Seamlessly Connected: Controlled by an application available on most web browsers, iOS, Android and Windows phones
  • Amazingly Simple & Intuitive: User-friendly and allows customers to control cameras, door locks, lights, thermostats, small appliances and more
  • Personalized & Flexible: System can change with the user’s lifestyle and be customized to specific needs day-by-day

The president of Digital Life Inc., Kevin Petersen, said “Digital Life offers our customers a single integrated solution built around their needs, making security and home management easier than ever. With the rollout in seven new markets, we’re looking forward to making the security and convenience of Digital Life available to more customers.”
For more information on Digital Life, click here.
Watch how it works here.

1 thought on “Control Your Home Security Through Your Mobile Device”

  1. This home
    security system sounds really cool – I would love to manage the lights
    while away so it looks like someone is home and then turn down the
    thermostat just before returning so the house is comfortable. I just
    hope people only access this from a secure mobile phone! I just came
    across an infographic that shows different ways mobile phones can be
    compromised, and it has made me think more carefully about the security
    of my phone! Here is the infographic if you are interested:

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