Development Teams Go Social With Spotlight Software

“Social media, small business and simplicity,” were the three words that Vincent Serpico, Founder and CEO of Spotlight, used to describe his Spotlight software–a social network-based people and project management (PPM) tool designed for today’s entrepreneurs looking to build software, web and mobile applications.
Spotlight’s cloud-based Agile project management software uses the most effective principles of social networking and management techniques to provide a real-time, highly collaborative, effective and engaging system to connect development teams around the world through their computer, tablet or mobile device.
“We wanted to give entrepreneurs the ability to know what any of their developers are doing at any given time.” Daniel Schulz, Co-Founder, President and COO of Spotlight, said.
The interface uses a similar Facebook and Twitter format with a profile, status update, likes, messaging and replies, task tracking, chat, and project boards.
“Virtual teams will have the ability to easily work together… it also builds trust within the team and maintains group accountability.” Schulz said.
MobileAs each employee provides a status updates, their profile is sent to the top of the project site, providing an opportunity for employees to share their productivity and increase visibility with the boss, Schulz explains.
“I find that my developers are providing more status updates, so that their profile is at the top of the post. I request five status updates per day from each developer-I end up getting twelve,” Serpico said.
Serpico explains that this software has also been found to decrease some micromanaging tendencies as Founders can review the productivity of all of their projects away from their desk and instantly respond to their employees.
Instead of creating another enterprise PPM, Spotlight caters to small businesses and startups-and the price point shows it.
“We wanted to create something that has a low barrier to entry and allow companies and startups to have this technology and manage their development projects.” Schulz explains.
Pricing packages range from $49-95 per month depending on product features. Also available, a one-time Start-Up Advantage package ($795) which includes a 30-day program with training and set up.
In the end, the Founders of Spotlight want to help startups create their product and pursue their dream.
“In my years of software development, I have seen an unfortunate recurring trend [where] entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas for software businesses waste time, money and more often than not fail to deliver their dream,” Serpico states.
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Daniel Schulz & Vincent Serpico
Daniel Schulz & Vincent Serpico