Axxess' Interlock App Helps to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Axxess Apps, LLC announced the first Android ignition interlock mobile app, the Axxess Interlock Reporting (Axxess AIR™). The software is placed into the interlock device and syncs information to an iPad and iPhone. Features include a breath alcohol calculator (BAC), logs all activity by user that is sent directly to the courts, has a sales and service locator, Connect to Cab and Refer-a-Friend.
Retired Arizona city court judge, Michael Roth, developed and patented AIR which sends over 48,000 data logs to courts, probation offices, and state agencies every year. This mobile app differs from other interlock devices because it conforms to the federal rules of evidence, it has password and encryption protection so that there is no risk of tampering or modification, and it allows people to promote their businesses such as the Refer-a-Friend marketing solution.
Chairman and CEO, Michael Wroth, states, “We are excited to continue to improve on our education to help people learn to not drive if impaired. The application is another channel of communication for Axxess RISE systems.”
Arizona has some of the strictest drinking and driving standards and punishments because of the numerous drunk driving incidents and fatalities. Currently, there are over 15,000 people in Arizona who have an interlock in their car. Since Arizona adopted the use of interlocks, the state has seen a 45 percent decrease in alcohol-related deaths. Axxess’ new AIR device helps prevent some of the devastating consequences of drinking and driving. Only an interlock device or application can prevent someone from driving under the influence because it disables the vehicle.
COO and Vice Chairman of Axxess, Scott Hansbury, states, “For this app, we translated complex technology requirements into a consumer-focused experience that delivers meaningful interactions while being easy to use.” This technology begins to take steps in preventing drinking and driving and hopefully the statistics will continue to drop on drunk driving incidents and deaths.
Remember to be safe and don’t drink and drive