Gadgets for the Guru

This week on Gadgets for the Guru, we have dancing speakers, cool video accessories and a product for average couch potato.
Water Dancing Speakers. Plug these 9” tall speakers into an iPod, mp3 player, computer or any device with a 3.5mm audio jack and USB connection to activate the water jets and LED multi-color lights inside. The water and lights dance to the beat of the music. $49.99
SOLOSHOT - All partsThis unique tripod system, SOLOSHOT, automatically rotates your camera to follow you or your subject up to 2000 feet away using a small waterproof sensor attached to an armband. The SOLOSHOT allows those filming to create high-quality video footage without the need for a camera operator. A great accessory to film outdoor sports or an active lifestyle. $479  
Zmart_Remote_3__56569.1364221420.1280.1280 (1)
Viatek’s Zmart Remote turns your iOS or Android device into a universal remote enabling you to control your CD players, TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, stereos, projectors and more. By installing the free application on Google Play or the App Store and plugging in the remote device into the audio jack of your phone, you expand your controlling options. $19.99
The Slingbox 500 extends your living room TV to your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. By connecting the Slingbox to your cable box or satellite receiver and Internet router then downloading the SlingPlayer app on your mobile device you can watch live TV on-the-go. The device streams at 1080p to maintain quality. $299.99 Slingbox | $14.99 SlingPlay App
SLINGBOX 500 - front