University of Arizona Innovators of the Year

On Thursday, the University of Arizona (UA) recognized their most innovative members, and announced Dr. Hsinchun Chen as the Innovator of the Year and Jared Griebel as the Student Innovator of the Year.
The event marked UA’s tenth annual Technology Innovation Awards Luncheon, as a part of it’s Innovation Day, honors a faculty member and student for their achievements in translating original ideas from the laboratory to the marketplace.
The Technology Innovation Award is presented to a University researcher whose research findings have been commercialized in the form of a license, company-based enterprise or other publicly visible translation instrument.
Hsinchun Chen web
Dr. Chen is the founding director of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab and Hoffman E-Commerce Lab located at the Eller College of Management and McClelland Professor of Management Information Systems at UA. Dr Chen developed the COPLINK system, which has been quoted as a national model for public safety information sharing and analysis, and has been adopted into 4,500 law enforcement and intelligence agencies. COPLINK research has drawn significant international attention and has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and ABC News, among others.
Chen’s COPLINK system consists of a range of knowledge management tools that provide cross-jurisdictional information sharing, analysis, visualization and research for the law enforcement and intelligence community for border and national security.
Griebel 1
The Student Technology Innovation Award honors a student who has excelled in a technology-related internship, independent study, or research position. The student’s work may also contribute to the development, enhancement or commercialization of a new technology.
Griebel is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and was presented his award for his work on synthesizing and processing of novel copolymers containing elemental sulfur with applications towards next generation batteries and organic-based infrared optics. His research turns 
waste by-product into an applicable polymeric material that will affect
 not only the academic world, but also commercial entities such as the petroleum, electronics, and auto industries.
Following the award luncheon, an Innovation Showcase provided an opportunity for participants to interact with UA departments and start-up companies from the Arizona Center for Innovation.
The Office of University Research Parks and the Arizona Center for Innovation organize UA’s Innovation Day in partnership with the Office of Technology Transfer Tech Launch Arizona.
Congratulations from AZ Tech Beat to all nominees and winners.
Photos of winners provided by the University of Arizona Office of Research Parks