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Seven years ago today the first tweet hit the Earth forever changing how we communicate, read the news, follow live events, share a few laughs, and explain life in 140 characters.
Twitter has become one of the most popular social media outlet in the US with over 140M users worldwide with an average of 340 million tweets every day, according to the official Twitter blog.
According to twittercounter.com, the top five most followed on Twitter: @justinbeiber with 36M, @ladygaga 35M, @katyperry 33.8M, @rihanna 29M, and finally President Obama @BarackObama 28.6M in fifth-with @taylorswift13 closing the gap-apparently Beiber’s perfume and “Baby” status is the most important topic of the day.
In the last 24 hours 330K new twitter accounts have popped up according to twopcharts.com
Twitter has also become a powerful tool for public opinion and has influenced politicians to respond and take action-after the Newton, CT massacre of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary, a social media outcry for gun control came through the smartphones and politicians had to respond.
Twitter was also used as a platform to declare war-in “November of  [2012], the Israel Defense Forces kicked off an operation in Gaza by announcing on Twitter, “We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.” according to newsfeed.time.com
Twitter has even taught us how to shorten our verbiage to an abbreviated message and get to the point. If you can’t say it in 140 and capture our attention, check back with me in a few hours, see if I get it then. It really is a platform for the short attention span.
How did it all get started? On the official Twitter blog you can see @jack’s first sketch of his concept of Twitter back in March 2006, and a  video  was created just for its birthday (posted by @kvox).
As a Twitter lover, I have met the most interesting like-minded people around the world, connected with leaders, made friends, shared many laughs and enjoyed the Oscars & Presidential debates considerably more as I paired the twitter feed with the live event. Why do I follow? I’m seeking information and a good chuckle. Here are some of the people I follow that make me laugh:
@Arturas | @VoyageVixens | @conrey | @SteveMartinToGo
@WillMcAvoyACN | @mattknisely | @blakeshelton | @RJ_Price
@LateNightJimmy | @shitgirlssay | @djmichaelis | @GeorgeTakei
BTW if u hv a story 4 us, em bt yr co. snd 2 editor@aztechbeat.com, L8 tweeps!
If you understood that, you are an a official Tweep. Tell us who makes you laugh, share their twitter handle below, as well as yours!
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