Phoenix has Tech Jobs – Are You Prepared?

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According to and their Dice Salary Survey, Phoenix was noted as one of the top five growing markets for technology salary growth in the country-with a 12 percent increase for the average annual salary of $83,600.
While applicants race to grab up those positions, some have concerns if their skills will add up and be able to stand out from the masses. According to an article in the Business Insider by Schafer, “Employers look for someone who has solid technical skills in programming and coding, but, most importantly, who has an ability to solve problems. Persistence, patience and creativity are main qualities seeked in a tech person.”
Bob La Loggia, CEO of Appointment-Plus, an online scheduling software company, shares what his company looks for in an employee. “When we are hiring for a position in tech, we don’t just look for technical skills. Modern agile methodologies demand good communication and a willingness to work as a team. The days of sitting alone in a cube all day are over.  Also, cultural fit is a major factor for us. Even the greatest developer can wreak havoc on a company if they don’t fit in well with the culture. Assuming you are good at your trade, my advice to candidates looking for a job in tech is to work hard on the soft skills before interviewing. It could be the difference between landing that dream job or getting the dreaded ‘thanks, but no thanks’ email.”
If you are going for a developer or software engineer position, during your interview, companies might ask you to code or show your abilities on a computer or a whiteboard – so be prepared.  How else to prepare for an interview? Local programmers offer their advice…

  1. Research about the company and products
  2. Understand what technology they use
  3. Make sure your CV and/or online profile is free of spelling and grammar errors
  4. Learn new things on the side by picking a project on your own and learn new languages
  5. Solve new problems that stretches your mind
  6. Brush up on your basic development knowledge that may seem inherent
  7. Join a local user or developer group
  8. Get in some extra practice by visiting a local Hackathon (Desert Code Camp or Gangplank) or Google Code Jam
  9. Though it might not be a focus for some companies, it’s suggested to clean up your social media sites-yes they will Google you
  10. Update your LinkedIn profile

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