Scottsdale iOS App Developers, Software Ops, Obsess Over Data Security To Keep Your Information Safe

Software Ops is so dedicated to security, they not only have six homemade applications for Apple users around the purpose of safe storage, they even named their latest app “My Eyes Only Pro” to drive home the point. My Eyes Only Pro is a secure password and personal information manager for iPhone & iPad, and is described as having “many layers of encryption”.  With an additional keychain security element, it sets itself apart from other password storage apps out there on the market. My Eyes Only Pro is based on the freemium model (giving you up to 20 password entries for free), and then requires an in app purchase of $7.99 for unlimited saved items. Also, if you wish to sync your data across devices (iPhone & iPad), be sure to budget another $14.99 / year for that. To download the app, plug in your first 20 entries, and enjoy 30 days of syncing, all for free, go to the App Store here.
Software Ops, which is headquartered near Cactus Road / 101, and is a group of Phoenix-based developers that came together in 2008. Joe Michels, Founder & CEO has led the team in creating six of their own applications as I mentioned (My Eyes Only Pro, My Eyes Only Contacts, Photo Safe Pro, InstaContact, Ding, and ID Lock), and has acted as the app development team for many other brands.
Joe entered the software industry back in 1984, and has gained experience as a software developer, manager, and entrepreneur. He has worked for both Motorola and Scottsdale’s JDA Software while holding the title as Associate Director of Software Development. He then left JDA to start Software Ops, LLC.
Software Ops has been entirely self funded to date (and profitable since Day 1), but they are currently under an aggressive expansion, and are actively making offers to partners and investors in an effort to capitalize even more on the exploding mobile development space.
Software Ops even let me know that their revenues has grown more than 50% year over year since inception, and spoken in their words, “there is a lot of opportunity in the 6 billion dollar App Store market”!
Here is a video recap on their latest app I described, My Eyes Only Pro: Watch Here
More About Software Ops
Founder: Joe Michels
Twitter: @SoftwareOps
Headquarters: 8130 E Cactus Road, Suite 520, Scottsdale, AZ 85260