Automation Centre Streamlines Online Automation Services

Automation Centre is another company that is helping other businesses run their online operations smoothly. They are helping to fill a niche in the fast-paced, constantly changing market conditions by streamlining an automation service within each business. They began their privately owned company in Tucson, Arizona in 1994 by providing computer products and services to consulting organizations with a focus on technology companies. Automation Centre has created application frameworks that produce responsive management and workflow environments, which automates the sales delivery and measurement processes of the service organization. They have developed three products that provide automated software solutions: Tracker Suite, TrackerOffice, and TrackerSuite.Net.
Tracker Suite is a package of web enabled, Lotus Notes project management software tools that maximizes your office efficiency by simplifying and accelerating vital business processes. It works on areas such as project management and job costing, help desk services, expense tracking, time reporting, resource management, CRM, and sales force automation. Tracker Suite focuses on managing projects, IT, HR, and Sales.
TrackerOffice is a way to leverage Microsoft Outlook’s messaging platform to deliver solutions for project management, time and billing, invoicing, purchasing, CRM, and business intelligence. One of the tasks it performs is the project tracker. With this, it stores information including tasks, status reports, and team members in project management folders in Microsoft Outlook. You can also use Outlook timesheets and expense reports because it streamlines procedures while securing the process with electronic signatures.
TrackerSuite.Net is Automation Centre’s most recent release. It is a web based business solution system that is capable of integrating with leading email platforms such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, and web based email like Gmail. Automation Centre explains that some of the key advantages include integrated, modular applications, source codes with licenses, and integration with email.
Automation Centre’s Tracker applications automate workflows common to a lot of organizations and works to improve efficiency and productivity. They serve a wide variety of industries from government to manufacturing including Philips, Random House, Encore, Sanyo, and University Health Care System. The company states that the industries they serve “have realized a rapid ROI from the simple deployment and rapid adoption of Tracker applications.” They are currently releasing new business software solutions every six months. They explain that, “Today in business, where people make the difference, Automation Centre makes the difference for people.”
More about Automation Centre:
Founded: 1994
Phone: (520) 882 – 9287
Headquarters: 435 E. 9th Street, Tucson, AZ 85705