ResponseQue Engineers an Efficient Customer Support Software

With businesses being more and more dependent on the internet, websites, and online traffic, customer support is crucial. ResponseQue has developed software to try and promote excellent customer support that is available immediately, day or night. ResponseQue is an automated live help desk software. It has built a technology that compiles your questions and answers internally and uses that information to automatically answer future questions on your behalf. The company claims their software can reduce your customer inquires up to eighty percent over time.
ResponseQue reduces the amount of questions and time spent answering them because it integrates on every page of your website. The software functions like a live chat, but it actually logs each conversation you have with your customers and saves this information in a Q&A database. This information is then used by the system to automatically answer your similar and frequently asked questions. Alex Delacruz, creator of Zvendor Solutions and ResponseQue, explains that “this product/hosted service has the potential to replace traditional help desk technology . . . [because they] are not efficient and still require each and every question to be answered by a human which doesn’t make sense in a lot of cases especially when it comes to eCommerce where growth can happen literally overnight and online consumers are more and more demanding real time support.” This software is removing the slow interactions that come from call centers where you have to repeat the same information and answer the same questions by saving this personal data in the system and quickly replying with answers that fit the information previously provided.
Here are some of ResponseQue’s software features:

  • Easy integration – You can configure, customize, and install ResponseQue in just minutes to your website and connect with your customers.
  • Auto Answers – You can train the software how to answer future questions by communicating with your customers the first time, then it will answer these frequently answered questions automatically in the future.
  • Expiring answers – This feature allows you to set an expiration date for answers that will only be valid for a certain period of time (ex. When is your next live event?”).
  • Querybacks – You can engage in a live chat conversation with a customer while still training the software how to communicate in the future.
  • Auto Suggestions – This feature provides a list of suggested answers for new questions that are similar to other records already in the system.

More about ResponseQue:
Founded: 2012
CEO: Alex Delacruz
Number of Employees: 4
Phone: 951.234.7783
Headquarters: 1225 W. Main St., Ste 101 #108, Mesa, AZ 85201-7034