Tallwave Launches "High Tide" Start-up Competition

Tallwave is full of new activity. They have recently added two prestigious names to their advisory board: Craig Barrett, retired Chairman of the Board and CEO of Intel, and Roy Vallee, Executive Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Avnet. Along with these two important additions to the company, they are launching “High Tide” which is a startup competition in the Southwest to help develop startup businesses.
Tallwave is a business accelerator and venture management company specializing in validating, commercializing, and scaling energy technology and digital media ventures. They help businesses identify, achieve, and sustain growth using lean-validation principles. The company was founded in 2010 in Scottsdale, Arizona by former senior executives from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and iCrossing. Linda Capcara, from the Global Connect Communications Office, explains that what makes Tallwave different is that “instead of being just a matchmaker between good ideas and money or plans, Tallwave works directly with start-ups and early stage enterprises on smart business design to actually bring them to commercialization with less risk.” With this, Tallwave portfolio companies have generated an average of 22 jobs per company, creating economic growth in Arizona.
Now, Tallwave is launching “High Tide,” a startup competition that will develop and commercialize new ventures in Arizona by using the lean business and design validation principles. The idea is to connect entrepreneurial companies in Arizona in order to help startups become viable, scalable, and sustainable. Tallwave setup this competition in two phases: validation and acceleration. For the first phase High Tide will select up to twenty companies to validate their ventures’ viability. Then, six of those companies will move on to phase two where the program will assess the product’s market and commercialization. The Tallwave chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Pruitt, explains, “High Tide plays an important role in helping position Arizona as a leading commercialization engine for innovative entrepreneurs.” There is no cost to entrepreneurs selected to participate in the High Tide program and will help Arizona become a leader in this field.
More about Tallwave:
Founded: 2010
CEO: Jeffrey Pruitt
Website: http://tallwave.com/
Phone: 602-840-0400
Headquarters: 6263 North Scottsdale Road #180, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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