Scottsdale-Based SpyFu Launches Convertasaurus – Marketing Tool that Determines Which Phrases Generate More Clicks

Say hello to Convertasaurus. It’s a new tool that has just been launched by the Scottsdale-based internet marketing firm, SpyFu. Mike Roberts, Founder & President of SpyFu, has compiled copious amounts of information regarding what specific keywords perform better when placed in an ad situation. For instance, if you were trying to sell a product through an internet ad, does “low cost”, or “inexpensive” render itself to more clicks? With the help of Convertasaurus, you can perform a face-off between two phrases, and quickly determine which one you should be using. Try these combinations below; you may be surprised by the winners.

  • Free shipping vs. Free overnight shipping
  • Low cost vs. Inexpensive
  • 30 day free trial vs. 30 day money back guarantee
  • Webinar vs. Webast
  • Ebook vs. Whitepaper

Also, when determining the winner of the match-up, be on the lookout for when Covertasaurus says, “But wait…There’s a #WINNING contender!”. This means that even though Whitepaper beats Ebook, Free Whitepaper beats Whitepaper. Getting a flashback of Rock, Paper, Scissors on the school playground?
To get a quick glimpse of the information Convertasaurus is drawing from, once you have performed a fight between two phrases, click on the ‘View Details’ icon on the left side of the screen. This is what the results look like for Free shipping vs. Free overnight shipping:

Whew – what a thrilling bout that was! We looked at 5,254,071 ads by 55,524 different advertisers containing the phrase “free overnight shipping” or “free shipping”. The phrase “free overnight shipping” appeared 8.9x more often in successful ads than unsuccessful ads.

So, before you launch your next ad campaign, you may want to see what the little dinosaur says about your word choice.

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  1. This is such a sweet tool. We already changed some wording on our web site because of this. Changed “Free Trial” to “Get Started Free”. So much faster than A/B testing.

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