JDA Gets Acquired for $1.9 Billion

It turns out the rumors that JDA was looking for a buyer were not only true, but they were quite a bit late. Yesterday, JDA announced that it was being acquired by RedPrairie for $45 per share which was more than a 30% premium over its trading price over the last few weeks. The $1.9 Billion cash buy-out should be a great economic windfall for Arizona and its tech sector as many of JDA’s shareholders are local Arizona residents.

3 thoughts on “JDA Gets Acquired for $1.9 Billion”

  1. Great news for them and Arizona. I am not sure that the original crew there is of the Pay Pal Mafia cloth and will invest back in young startups, but we can always hope. Imagine if Arizona had a founders fund and a company like this had belonged to it. 1 – 3% of a billion goes a long way. 🙂

    • I agree, a founders fund would be awesome! However, Jim Armstrong (JDA founder) is involved with Canal Partners who has been very active in Arizona’s tech investments. They’ve invested in WebPT, Nettime Solutions and other local tech startups. This exit for JDA could potentially accelerate or increase those types of investments. We’re getting closer and closer.

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