Scottsdale-based GolfLogix Disrupts the Golf Market . . . Again

Did you know that you could play a new golf course in Arizona every day for an entire year, and not play them all? That’s right, we have over 365 of them right here in our state. With our weather, high-end resorts, fine dining, and expansive shopping malls, Arizona has become a world renowned golf tourist destination. Also, over the past couple decades, the game of golf has dramatically risen in popularity thanks to guys like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Rickie Fowler (just to name a few) that have managed to add the “cool” element into an otherwise “old man’s game”.
There are many different types of golfers out there: the pro, the wanna-be, the weekend warrior, the hacker, and those that simply label golf as a four-letter word. No matter your skill level, or blood-alcohol level while out on the course, you better bring your wallet. It’s expensive. Equipment, green fees, apparel, snacks, drinks, lost bets . . . they all add up. But after you have gone through all that, there is more. Golf accessories.
One of the most important golf accessories to the players, is a distance range finder. This device tells you have far you are from the hole, green, hazards, or any other marker on the golf course through aerial satellite imagery. First to market with this product was a company called Sky Caddie. The unit was a few hundred dollars, and then you had to pay annually for the rights to view each golf course. Programming was a pain, and it certainly added to the high expense of golf.
Thanks to smartphone technology and mobile applications, another company has entered the scene and completely disrupted the space. Meet GolfLogix: Creators of the #1 Golf GPS App for iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, and Palm. And here’s the best part, the app is free. It works as a digital yardbook and GPS device, score tracker, and can even calculate post-round statistics. However, if you would like even more features, there is a “Champion” edition for $20 / year. The major upgrade is personalized club tracking. You enter how far each club in your bag goes, and then it will display landing zones on the aerial image of the hole to help you pick the perfect club.
Pretty cool, huh? Well, that’s not all. Just last month, GolfLogix teamed up with major golf magazine, Golf Digest, to create the first ever personalized magazine. This feature is being called Golf Digest Live, and it is being integrated into the GolfLogix mobile app. So here’s the deal: your phone is already tracking your scoring, shot history, and statistics (through GolfLogix), so after each round, Golf Digest Live steps in and gives you personalized instruction through video, tips, and articles from the top teaching pros exactly fitted for what you need to work on!
Based on all the reasoning above, GolfLogix has become the most downloaded golf app, generated millions of members, uploaded 30,000+ courses, and become compatible on 60 different smartphones.
GolfLogix is headquartered right in here in Scottsdale, and is definitely one of the most disruptive golf companies since!