Keane Launch Helps Vet out Ideas on the Cheap

Having a new business idea is exciting and the entrepreneur wants to dive right in to developing the concept. Instead of asking a parent, friend, or significant other for input, who might tell them what they want to hear, doing market research should be the first step. Collecting research on the industry if there is a market for the product or service is crucial to a startup.
Keane Launch founded their company in 24 hours in a hotel room and based their business model off the book, The Lean Startup. Their first objective was to target their product at entrepreneurs who need help with the market research during the conceptualization of a business. Recently however, Keane Launch decided to pivot their business to selling their product to agencies and consultants instead of entrepreneurs. Keane Launch felt that the agencies were a better audience because they can use the data collected by Keane Launch to resell to their clients.
“The key in any startup is getting to market as quickly as possible so you can, test what is working and make adjustments as you go,” said Russ Perry, co-founder of Keane Launch. “We chose our name based on this concept, Keane Launch, because people need something to get them started and once they have it, they should go for it.”
Keane Launch performs the research for their customers using Get Answers, their signature product. Get Answers allows the customer to ask 3 questions to 100 people around the country, which will give unbiased opinions and feedback from a diverse group of people. There are three packages to choose from; the basic package includes a raw excel file with the data for $15. The next package is more advanced by cleaning up the data and reviewing it to make it presentable. The top tier package includes the previous features, but also contains customization options like adding in the company logo. They also sit down with the customer to review their questions and ensure that the questions will give them more accurate results.
More about Keane Launch:
Founded: June 2012
Founder: Russ Perry and Chris Ronzio
Number of Employees: 2
Twitter: @Keanelaunch