Integrate Launches Platform Allowing Marketing Professionals to Manage Their Campaigns in One Place

Currently, many people are plugged in to many devices in their everyday schedule and are surrounded with advertisements and technology. As a marketing professional, I have seen how difficult it is to stand out against the crowd and to balance the distribution of advertisements. Keeping up with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, email campaigns, mobile apps, press releases, radio and television ads, is more than a full time job and it can be difficult to manage.
Integrate is a new company that provides a platform for all of a business’s marketing efforts. They allow a company to integrate Internet, mobile, radio, and many other campaigns through one interface. A company can select any of nine online distribution channels from email newsletters to Facebook campaigns. Their mission is to make marketing easier for businesses by integrating new marketing channels on to a single platform to make it easier to track the different campaigns a company may be running.
“We are currently in our 10th straight quarter of sales growth—with 7000 clients conducting millions of monthly transactions through our Centralized Media-Management Platform” explains CEO Hart Cunningham. “We feel our Scottsdale-based headquarters reflect the state-of-the-art environment required for continuous growth and innovation.”
Integrate has eight payment plans which allow the customer to choose a plan based on their specific use like cost per sale or cost by click. The software also includes other technology like form building where you are able to create a new form for each campaign. Integrate also allows you to verify the data used by preventing duplication and validating the IP addresses and the phone, address, and email.
More about Integrate:
Founded: 2010
Founder: Hart Cunningham and Jeremy Bloom
Number of Employees: 150
Twitter: @integrate