AppFog Acquires AZ-Based Platform-As-A-Service Solution Nodester

This week, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) AppFog acquired Ahwatukee-based Node.js PaaS Nodester, giving app developers even richer multi-language cloud deployment support. Node.js is a popular new asynchronous Javascript library/framework for building fast, scalable realtime web applications.
According to the Nodester blog, AppFog will run and maintain the Nodester service as it is, but it will also have Node support in the service. The company will start incorporating Nodester technology into its own Node service, and once completed, AppFog will provide a seamless migration path from the Nodester service into the AppFog service. The transition will be completed by January 15, 2013.
“Nodester was unique in that it was an open source project with contributions from developers around the world as well as a few AZ-based developers from WeAreFractal and myself,” said Nodester Founder Chris Matthieu. “Nodester was the first 100% open source Node.js PaaS solution available for developers and enterprises, and it’s still one of the few Node.js platforms that supports native WebSockets, which are required by modern realtime web apps.”
Nodester offers free Node.js hosting with a simple command line tool; however, it can also be deployed as a private cloud into a private datacenter or a public cloud service like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, HP Cloud or Azure. The Nodester community is passionate about open source public, private and hybrid cloud PaaS services.
Nodester is Matthieu’s second startup to be acquired in 2 years. His first was cloud communications company Teleku, which was acquired by Orlando-based company Voxeo. Both startups were projects founded and incubated by Matthieu’s other AZ-based company, surf-by-tel voice browser GetVocal.

More About Nodester

Founded: 2010
Funding: Self-funded
Founder: Chris Matthieu
Twitter: @nodester
Headquarters: Ahwatukee