BeenEvaluated Provides 'Amazingly Accurate' Website Appraisals

Joshua Elizetxe knows a few things about appraising the value of a website. In fact, he sold his first website when he was only 14. He used that knowledge and experience to jump into the field of brokering website sales. It was during this time that Joshua had the idea for BeenEvaluated.
Joshua had tried all the “website calculators” that were available–and he was very disappointed with the results. BeenEvaluated is his idea to provide detailed and reliable website evaluations to clients.
They provide an online evaluation of the worth of any website, using over 30 different metrics to calculate it. Some of the metrics that are used are domain age, number of indexed backlinks in search engines, revenue, and many more — all delivered in a detailed report that can be shown to potential buyers.
BeenEvaluated just launched this online tool earlier this month. The company is bootstrapped by the founders and the team of three is always looking to add talented people to their team. Joshua is 19 years old and studying computer information systems at the ASU W. P. Carey School of Business — becoming first to graduate high school, first to go to college, and first to run a business in his family.


BeenEvaluated allows for any user to come to their site and enter in a domain name to be appraised. When you enter in the domain name, you’ll be given an automated report for free. This report shows an estimated market value for the domain name along with a few data points that led to that decision.
The user can get a premium appraisal for $49. This appraisal is done manually by one of their analysts with over 15 years of experience on staff. With the premium appraisal, users get an in-depth SEO report that tells them where they’re ranking currently in the search engines and what they can do to improve these rankings, further increasing the site value. This plan also includes keyword research.
The company will also provide the user with a similar report for paid traffic generation. The report will tell the user how they could improve advertising in paid channels to generate more traffic. BeenEvaluated even provides an extensive competitor analysis report when a client buys the premium appraisal. This report helps a client understand where their site fits in with their market.
The company has some ambitious plans moving forward. They will be launching a browser toolbar that will display the estimated market value for every website a user visits. They will also be rolling out a tool that allows members to follow the progress of a particular website’s evaluation, allowing the user to be emailed or receive an SMS message when that website’s value significantly drops or increases.
Joshua told me that they also intend to roll the product out into the mobile app market in the future. The company is intensely focused on their users and constantly improving their algorithm, which becomes more accurate as the tool is used by more people eager to get a website evaluated.

More About BeenEvaluated

Founded: 2012
# of Employees: 3
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Joshua Elizetxe
Twitter: @BeenEvaluated

4 thoughts on “BeenEvaluated Provides 'Amazingly Accurate' Website Appraisals”

  1. Not to bash but when something rates a low traffic personal blog(estimated 0 pageviews per month) higher than a 5 letter domain name for a business there’s something not right with the algorithm.

    • Hi Chris,
      Our algorithm takes into account many other metrics than just pageviews per month. We also take into account domain age, inbound links, and many more data points. Our premium service includes a manual appraisal and unlocks over 20 other data points. That may be an option for you if you’re looking for the most accurate value, which takes into account branding, revenue, and more.
      Thanks for checking out the site!

  2. According to BeenEvaluated, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook are all only worth somewhere between $65,875 and $89,125. At those prices, I’ll take all three! My first thing to do as owner of Yahoo is fire all the “journalists” 

    • Hi Ben,
      We are currently working on releasing the fix for the error that shows two different values for the same domain, depending on whether you place “www.” in front of the domain or not.
      You’ll see that without the “www.” that the result is accurate.
      Thanks for checking out the site!

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