Pink Media Founder Desiree Ford Presents the Third Annual Social Media Day Phoenix

When it comes to social media in the Valley, small business owners may want to think Pink. Tempe-based Pink Media provides graphic design, mobile marketing and social media marketing services to help businesses grow, but the company also includes education as a major tenet of its services so that business owners can learn to manage their own social media accounts.
Pink Media Founder and CEO Desiree Ford has already accomplished quite a bit in her company’s first two years. She has become a bi-monthly guest on ABC 15′s Sonoran Living, winner of 2011’s Social Media Arizona (SMAZie) award for “Up and Coming Social Media Company”, and was ranked as one of 2012’s Top 10 SEO/Social Media Marketing companies in Ranking Arizona’s magazine.

Ford is also the organizer for the Social Media Day Phoenix event, which is focused on engaging, connecting and supporting local businesses. Last year, this effort resulted in the State of Arizona declaring June 30 “National Social Media Day”, ABC 15 focusing their newscast on social media that day, and even Mashable highlighting the event.
This year, Social Media Day Phoenix will be held on Friday, June 29, and it’s set to be bigger than ever. AZTechBeat will also be there to cover it, naturally.
As busy as she is preparing for the event, Desiree Ford was kind enough to answer a few questions about Social Media Day Phoenix and entrepreneurship in general.
AZTB: What would you say is the most irresistible selling point of Social Media Day? What will make this year’s SM Day Phx even better than the first two?
DF: That is like asking me to pick my favorite child! I would have to say the SMDayPhx Carnival. With all our 40+ Phoenix based sponsors playing and engaging with the attendees it is a new way for social media to work and be effective. Plus, attendees will learn about businesses that they may have never even heard of. This years event will be better than previous ones, because each year we are trying to make it better and better and offer more and more.
AZTB: Could you tell me a bit about your motivation for creating Pink Media, and the challenges of starting your own business?
DF: Pink Media came about because there was something missing to me in the job world where I could be creative, ethical and enthusiastic about what I was doing every day. I had been designing and using social media for years, so it was a natural fit. Biggest challenge is getting businesses to understand that social media isn’t just about sales, but awareness. We also battle with people people who just yell at their customers to buy from them versus offering up information, incentives and relationships. You can’t just post something and expect 100% engagement anymore; it is work, it’s creativity and it’s patience.
AZTB: What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs in AZ? Anything for female entrepreneurs in particular?
DF: Forbes just released an article that said Arizona is the #1 state for entrepreners, so I would say make sure to stand out for all the right reasons and build relationships with clients. You don’t want to lose business to your competition because you didn’t give them your time or show that you cared. For women, show your hand; it is OK to show your emotions, ideas and get excited. I think that we have an advantage with our faces telling how we feel about things, run with your emotions and trust your gut. Also, find an ice cream place and become their best customer for when your days suck.
AZTB: What new technology or tool are you most excited about right now & why?
DF: Pinterest! I am a junkie! I post pics of my wedding plans, geek culture, things to do to my apt, social media facts, infographics; the sky is the limit! I can’t wait to see how it will effect other platforms and the future of social sharing.

More About Social Media Day Phoenix

The 3rd annual Social Media Day is an all-day event, starting with an afternoon of marketing workshops and finishing with an evening of carnival games and a fashion show. Attendees can engage, connect and play with over 40 local Phoenix business to win prizes, learn about new local businesses and celebrate their love of social media and technology.
Where: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel on 24th Street and Camelback in Phoenix
When: Friday, June 29, from 11am – 9pm
RSVP: Workshops Facebook page and Carnival Facebook page

More About Pink Media

Founded: 2010
# of Employees/contractors: 8
Funding: Self-funded
Founder: Desiree Ford
Twitter: @PinkMediaLLC
Phone: (623) 850-1325
Headquarters: 2942 S. Parkside Dr. #114 • Tempe, AZ • 85282

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