Flatterline Harnesses The Power of Ruby to Create 'Awesome' Web Apps

Ruby On Rails is the dominant framework in use by web developers today. The open-source solution is incredibly popular because it aims to meet all the needs of overworked developers trying to build amazing projects–it’s simple, easy to understand, flexible, and has an active development community.
Rails is used to power a lot of the most used web applications–including projects like Shopify, Lumosity, Soundcloud, and LivingSocial. Oh yeah–it also powers a little app that goes by the name of Twitter–allowing citizens of the world to send over 200 million tweets per day. It’s kind of a big deal.
Flatterline uses Rails to develop custom web applications for businesses–startups and corporations alike. The company was founded in 2009 when Curtis Miller decided to take over a decade of development experience–and a major passion for Rails–and see what kind of a difference he could make in the world of web applications. Since then the company has added additional employees and worked on some big projects–including work with Groupon, Corpedia, and HyLo–plus many others.


The core service that Flatterline offers is custom web development using the Rails framework. They work with a company to build out exactly what they’re looking for–while sticking to the agile development process and striving to deliver results in a rapid manner. The costs for the development are completely dependent on what the company is looking for in their project–and the time involved.
Flatterline also offers code audits. They can take a look at the code for an application that has already been developed and determine if there are any bugs. A code audit can also discover performance issues and help a company determine if their code is sticking to best practices for working in the Rails environment. An audit can get a fresh pair of eyes looking at a project.
Once an app is created, it still needs to be marketed in order to build a community of users. Flatterline also offers Search Engine Marketing services to meet the needs of businesses that need help on the marketing side of things. They focus on using a content-marketing strategy that is designed to attract high quality links and lots of organic PR to their clients–building the app from idea through launch.

More About Flatterline

Founded: 2009
# of Employees: 1-10
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Curtis Miller
Website: www.flatterline.com
Twitter: @flatterline
Blog: Flatterline Blog
Phone #: 480-420-9081

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    •  Thank you for commenting Jenny! I was really excited to find out about the work that Flatterline is doing and putting Phoenix on the map for top-notch Ruby development.

  1. I learned so much from Curtis about Rails.  He cares so much about his work and is so passionate about our community.  The cardboard Curtis just isn’t as cool as he is.

    •  Thanks for the comment Bob! It’s so clear that passion for the Rails language and community is pouring out of Curtis. It’s inspirational to say the least!

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