Convrrt helps businesses create 'landing pages that don't suck'

In recent years, many shoppers have been turning to their smartphones to research and review businesses, earn deals and even make purchases.
Arizona-based startup Convrrt Inc. recently launched Mobile Convrrt, a platform where businesses can create mobile optimized landing pages and kickstart mobile marketing campaigns without having to hire developers or learn code.
With the user-friendly technology, businesses can quickly create QR codes, SMS campaigns and coupon pages. They pick a template and fill out the fields, and Mobile Convrrt automatically generates the pages.
The beta version is free but co-founder Kavin Patel said Convrrt will switch to a freemium model after it releases its 1.0 version this summer. By paying a subscription, users will be able to access more features to further customize their pages.
Convrrt expects to launch its next product, Web Convrrt, in August. It will serve as a platform where users can create pay-per-click landing pages for the web and track the pages with analytics.
“We offer a complete solution for running a campaign online and on mobile (devices), and allow the user, through analytics, to optimize the page for higher conversion,” Patel said.
Before launching Convrrt, Patel founded a web design agency with Dhruv Patel, who is also a founder of Convrrt. The Patel’s found that they spent much of their time editing code to make revisions for existing clients’ websites rather than taking on new projects, a problem Patel said many designers face.
They developed Convrrt to solve the issue and received $50,000 in seed money from a private investor. The startup is now in its second round of funding to raise $200,000 and is also working to partner with digital marketing agencies in the Valley.

More about Convrrt

Founded: 2010
# of employees: 4
Revenues: Not available (still in beta)
Founders: Kavin Patel, Dhruv Patel, Sheehan Alam, Alan Lobock
Twitter: @Convrrt
Blog: Convrrt Blog
Phone: 602-492-2765
Headquarters: Not available

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