Infusionsoft Secures New Headquarters in Chandler and Prepares to go on Hiring Spree

Infusionsoft, currently based in Gilbert, will be moving headquarters to Chandler by the end of 2012. They have secured 86,000 square feet at Allred Park Place in the Price Corridor, to which they will build and solely occupy a large two-story building. Official Press Release.
Expected to grow by over 700 employees in the next few years, Clate Mask, CEO and Co-Founder of Infusionsoft states that he is excited in finding “the ideal home for Infusionsoft as we continue this next phase of explosive growth.” Right now, the workforce growth rate of Infusionsoft is 15% per quarter. Hiring everyone from Technical Support Representatives, to Lead Development Specialists, applications can be sent through:
With the construction of a 1-million square foot data center by CyrusOne, the presence of Intel, Ebay, PayPal, Microchip Technology, Avnet, Pearson Education, CDW, Gangplank, Marvell Technologies, and now the likes of Infusionsoft and many others, Chandler is certainly heating up to become a major home for innovative tech companies and collaboration centers. Look out Scottsdale (even Palo Alto!).
Infusionsoft worked directly with the City of Chandler and the Arizona Commerce Authority during this transition. Don Cardon, President and CEO of the ACA noted that,

“Infusionsoft was one of the first companies to take advantage of Arizona’s Angel Tax Credit to raise seed funding, and subsequent venture capital. One of the ACA’s main priorities is growing our own — we provide assistance to help Arizona companies expand. Infusionsoft is a marquee employer in a growing sector. The ACA is proud to have them as a partner in Arizona.”

This new building will become the first major speculative office building to be constructed in Arizona since 2009. The Douglas Allred Company (building developers) and Clate Mask will be working from the vision to make the new Infusionsoft building a place for “inclusiveness, innovation, and fun.” Continuing to focus on the work environment, collaboration areas, and educational facilities, Infusionsoft looks to hold their spots in Best Workplaces in America and Best Places to Work in the Valley.
This is great news for the City of Chandler and its residents as Infusionsoft injects new job demand into the marketplace, while the Price Corridor continues to expand as a high-tech hub!

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    • For sure! Chandler has a great tech presence already, but I know this move will cause more awareness for the community. Great to get the 700+ job injection as well 🙂

  1. I’m super excited for Infusionsoft and the City of Chandler. I wish City of Scottsdale was a little more aggressive when it comes to getting tech companies.

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