LoopLogic's Software Helps Companies Win With Content Marketing

Scott L. Mitchell, Stephane G. Legay, and Scott Cate founded LoopLogic in 2011 to provide the new generation of content marketers with an all-in-one media platform that provides real-time analytics and automation tools to help companies take their content efforts to the next level.
Content marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective marketing tools in a company’s arsenal. Rather than spending lots of money on media buys or PPC advertising, a company can attract new customers to their service by providing useful content that teaches their readers skills related to their market. Of course, the difficult part, as with any online marketing strategy, is being able to track your results so you know which content is resonating with your audience–and which content is converting people into paying customers. Google Analytics has long been the standard for tracking and analyzing blog posts–but new trends in content marketing are making videos, webinars, and slides more important than ever. That’s where Google Analytics falls short and LoopLogic excels.


LoopLogic provides a 100% web-based solution that gives you everything you need to create and track your content. The tools allow you to upload any video file–even very large ones. If you already have the video in question on YouTube, you can use a tool to wrap the video in the LoopLogic player–giving you access to deep analytics for your video.
The tools also allow you to upload documents and slides created in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Docs or Open Office–which are then wrapped in the LoopLogic player so they can be shared and tracked. You can also easily record your screen and archive webinars using these tools. The software even finds slide changes in your webinar and creates chapters automatically.
After your content is created, you can embed it anywhere on the web, upload it to social networking sites, or send the content out via email. Regardless of which methods you use to broadcast it, there is advanced analytics built into the LoopLogic container that will allow you to get real-time data on the performance of the content back to your marketing and sales teams. You can also add polls and questions to your content to get valuable data from the customers that interact with your content.
So what about the costs? There is a basic plan that you can try for free. This allows for only one user and the content you upload will have ads on it to support the costs of these robust tools. With the free plan you’re also limited to 650 MB video size and you can’t use your branding on any of your content. This plan will let you see how the software works, but you’ll likely want to upgrade to the Pro plan if the solution is right for you. The Pro plan is $99 a month and allows for an unlimited number of users. You can upload video files that are as large as 5GB and you won’t have any ads showing on them. You can host private presentations and use your company’s branding on all content. There are some limitations to the data storage and bandwidth available on this plan, so LoopLogic also offers custom enterprise-level plans. The price for those plans will vary depending on what you’re looking for.

More About LoopLogic

Founded: 2011
# of Employees: 1-10
Revenues: Not disclosed
Founder: Scott L. Mitchell, Stephane G. Legay, and Scott Cate
Website: www.looplogic.com
Twitter: @looplogicapp
Blog: LoopLogic Blog
Phone #: 855-566-7564
Headquarters: 4935 E. Cactus Road Suite #225 Scottsdale, Arizona 85254