Go paperless with ClaimTrak's health record software

Based out of Gilbert, Ariz., ClaimTrak has offered paperless health record solutions to behavioral health and human service agencies for more than 21 years.
ClaimTrak President and CEO Brad Ewalt conceptualized the company while working as an independent system solutions consultant. With many behavioral health agencies as his clients, he saw a need for a customizable claims processing and client management software that would accommodate such agencies no matter their size or budget.
ClaimTrak aims to improve the management of patient information and overall quality of care in behavioral health agencies, while helping the agencies reduce operational costs. The user-friendly software was built on the company’s philosophy that an electronic health record system should be adaptable enough to be easily integrated into an agency’s existing business processes.
Last year, the company launched an iPad app that allows clinicians to enter progress notes more efficiently. In group therapy sessions, they can easily switch from client to client and document participation.


  • Clinical – The software, which can be accessed from any agency computer, is equipped with hundreds of user-friendly, modifiable clinical forms. ClaimTrak will also custom create clinical forms requested by its customers. Users can access any record, complete all documentation, view and scan documents, conduct chart audits and view client information all in the electronic chart. To assist with data entry, the program alerts users if they miss any fields.
  • Billing – The billing module comes with multiple HIPAA compliant file formats and supports three types of billing processes: charge batch entry, scheduler and progress note. It includes several standard edit and error checks to minimize the number of denied claims when billing a third party.
  • Scheduling – Users can choose from several different views when scheduling appointments such as filtering by agency location, clinical staff, client, 24-hour schedule or multiple bookings. The scheduling module also includes color-coding tools, client co-pay tracking, deleted and cancelled appointment tracking, a client alert system, multiple site scheduling, bundle appointment scheduling, reoccurring appointment scheduling and the ability to track the first available appointment.
  • Reports – ClaimTrak’s system offers a variety of standard reports for presenting agency data. The report module is query-based, allowing users to modify the data that each report displays. The system can graph the information from the report or export it into Excel files.
  • Document scanning – Users can upload paper documents into the system if they have a traditional scanner, or upload electronic documents without any additional hardware. For agencies that scan large amounts of images and documents, ClaimTrak offers a bar code system. The bar codes identify the particular client records and fields in which the document should be stored.
  • Medication management – The system allows clinical staff to easily view patient allergies, current and historic medications, doses, refills, prescribing doctors, pharmacy preferences and other information. It also allows for electronic transactions with pharmacies.


  • Implementation – ClaimTrak provides new customers with implementation services such as a planning guide, a kickoff meeting and an experienced team. The company helps agencies identify milestones and stay on track.
  • Management consulting – ClaimTrak provides consulting on HIPAA compliancy, business processes, operations management, financial services management and system analysis.

More about ClaimTrak

Founded: 1990
Number of employees: Not available
Revenues: Not available
Founder: Brad Ewalt
Website: www.ClaimTrak.com
Twitter: @ClaimTrak
Phone: (602) 622-0207
Headquarters:  1535 W. Harvard Avenue, Suite 102 • Gilbert, AZ 85233 • USA

1 thought on “Go paperless with ClaimTrak's health record software”

  1. I am sorry but this system has to be the worst EHR I have ever had to use. I have worked extensively with Claimtrak to enhance and develop this which is why I am so disappointed at the resultant product. I do not work for Claimtrak, I am a health care provider and have been giving suggestions at enhancements to the system. Long story short I would not recommend this system to anyone because of the inflexibility of the company behind it, lack of features and antiquated system. It has proven to be nothing more than a very costly mistake for my company that continues to pour funds into they system that only worsens as time goes on. In all honesty I have not found one regular user of the system in our company that even thinks that it is adequate. I have spoken with more than 50 providers who express nothing but absolute disdain and vitriol for this system and are forced to use it due to executive decisions that have questionable motives at best. I give this as my observation and option of this system from over 2 years of usage with it.

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